All About Moi

Who am I? Honestly, a nobody. I am just a travel junkie who dreams of having my own travel show one day. Why, you ask? Because who doesn’t want to be paid doing the thing you love, right? And I really do love to travel. A lot. Traveling to me is a breath of fresh air. It helps me clear my mind and broaden my horizons. And whenever I am traveling, I unfailingly expect nothing and let myself immerse with the society.

I have an 8-5 corporate job but I still try to squeeze in my travels, within the 15 VLs I am allowed to use in a year. Hence, I exercise convenient traveling and rarely do some backpacking. Trust me, working individuals like me don’t have the luxury of time to be lost and do some transportation hopping.

I do choose the people I want to travel with. How? I am the one who invites my travel buddies though I usually go with my beau, siblings and/or previous officemates. And for those whose travels request(s) I declined, now you know. Lol. I will ALWAYS prefer the peace of mind over budget hatian, sorry.

I am not rich and there’s no truth that only well-off people can travel. I do know, however, to save up, budget and research about the destination before I even book a ticket. Moreover, I travel prepared, organized and stress-free. A bit OC, actually. So worrying less during my trips is still a work in progress.

With traveling, comes food tripping hence I am also a foodie and I do like tasting exotic dishes. It is a matter of getting out of your comfort zone and I quite like the challenge.


In reference, I am a self-proclaimed beach lover/bummer. I love the waters though I’m scared of its depth. Ironic, I know. But I recently conquered my fear by scuba diving. No panic attacks, buti nalang! I would love to continue doing so but I don’t think I will try to get licensed soon.

In 2016, I will hit the big 3-0 hence I can feel the inner daredevil in me and it’s eager to try adventurous ventures. I have planned some activities and I might do canyoneering, paragliding, fly a plane(?!) and visit a life long dream destination, well, hopefully. But these are some stuffs that excites me to look forward to next year.

I steer clear of traveling to mainstream spots. Ever since, I do believe that going to places where everyone has been to is useless. Because there is just no story to tell. Personally, it’s not traveling, it’s showing-off. This is the reason why I frown upon travel braggers.

Lastly, my mission to influence other people to travel is genuine. We have to admit that not all people opts to travel on their holidays, hence I take pride if I persuaded one to do such. In light of this, help me spread the art of traveling and to genuinely encourage others to take a trip too.

Happy Travels! 🙂