Resto Review: The Ruf Restobar Boracay

Resto Review: The Ruf Restobar Boracay

Besides being invited to stay at the Ferra Hotel Boracay, they also hosted our dinner courtesy of The Ruf Restobar.

So after walking by the beach, we made sure that we should be back at the hotel in time for our 7pm dinner. We were welcomed by the hotel staff and was led to our table.

The resaurant is located at the hotel’s 4th floor and has a cozy beach vibe. There are regular tables but they also have couches for a more relaxed ambiance.

The Ruf Restobar also focuses on Asian Fusion dishes and serves variety cocktails and beverages as well.


As they have already served our dishes one by one, we were getting hungry by the minute since eveything was well-plated and the smell? Ugh, so amazing!

Nasi Goreng

The first dish they served was Nasi Goreng. Such is a known Indonesian dish to which you actually eat on its own since there are meat, veggies and an egg mixed with the tasty rice.

We liked this dish so much we ordered two additional plates!

Buffalo Wings

I have to admit that once I tasted their buffalo wings (even best paired with Nasi Goreng), I already said that it is one of the best I have ever tasted!

Plus, I don’t really like blue cheese but The Ruf’s version is subtle, it makes a good combination with the wings.

Satay Sampler

Thoug I had tried this dish in Bali a couple of times when we were there, I must say that this resto nailed the taste to perfection!

I also liked the idea that they paired it with an appetizing peanut sauce. I  loved the sauce so much I used it as a dipping sauce to other dish served to us. Basta ang sarap!

Glazed Half Chicken

This dish honestly tasted like the normal chicken though the skin was glazed and had a bit of a crunch to it.

This is one dish I dipped with the Satay’s peanut sauce and voila! It’s even yummier than it was plainly served.

Grilled Back Ribs

Not really a fan of ribs but I saw the delight in my travel crews’ eyes when they were feasting on the Grilled Back Ribs.

Though I have to say that the meat are so tender and with the right sauce, it can be absolutely delectable.

Complimentary Drinks

We were each offered complimenatary drinks along with our meal. You can choose from their signature cocktails as Mojito, Shirley Temple, Daiquiri as well as non-alcoholic drinks as the Frozen Iced Tea.

I chose the frozen iced tea since it was very hot that day and I wasn’t in the mood to have a drink. The drink was beautifully presented and a real thirst quencher.


Before heading out for our Bora escapade the next morning, we availed of our complimentary breakfast. This time, such was served by the hotel’s pool area.

We were served pancit canton, egg (you may tell them how do you want it cooked), waffles, cereal and my personal favorite, poqui poqui.

Our culinary experience with The Ruf Restobar was pretty delightful. The staff were very accommodating and mostly there when we need anything.

The food served was mouthwatering and we might be back just because of this mere fact. Till next time! 🙂

4F Ferra Hotel Boracay
Sitio Bulabog
Boracay Island 5608

FB: The Ruf Restobar
IG: @ferrahotelboracay

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