BUDGETARIAN SERIES: Camarines Norte Getaway for Php 4,600 ($94)

BUDGETARIAN SERIES: Camarines Norte Getaway for Php 4,600 ($94)

Camarines Norte became famous mostly because of Calaguas Island’s Mahabang Buhangin Beach. But there’s more to this region than just that.

And last year, we finally got to see what the travelers are raving about. Maganda naman pala. Wait, scratch that. Maganda siyang talaga!


If you are to travel via a plane ride from Manila, the nearest jump off point is Naga City. We did such and flew via Cebu Pacific.

From Naga, you have to do another 1.5 hour land travel to get to Bagasbas. But since we were all tired, we arranged for private van transfer so as not to be hassled by commuting.

Or if you have time, you can opt for the night buses that can take 10-12 hours. If my memory serves me right, Philtranco bus lines caters Manila to Daet v.v. routes.


In Camarines Norte, we experienced doing our own pamamalengke, braved the 2-hour boat ride with ginormous open sea waves and conquered the February chills and monsoon rains.

And for that, the reward of the finest & whitest beach sand ever with matching celebratory cake we bought for only P70! Just because we deserved it.

Day 1: Calaguas Tour

We started early since the boat ride will take 2 hours. No kidding. Not only that the boat ride will be that long, it will also be ‘bumpy.’

Brace yourselves people, the locals call the waves calm even though you no longer see the other side of the horizon. Normal nila yun, kaloka.

Read here to know more about our experience.

Day 2: Apuao & Quinamanukan Island Tour

Apuao Grande and Quinamanukan islands are not as famous as the Mahabang Buhangin Beach in Calaguas but went here as a suggestion from our boatman.

Though such is not a white sand beach, we were all happy to visit this island since we were the only ones there! Read here to know more about our experience.

Spots to visit:
>> Quinamanukan Island
>> Apuao Grande Island

Day 3: Bagasbas with CWC Sidetrip

And we didn’t really go all out of our way to see these spots. Why? Because such were sitting in front us. Figuratively, of course.

All we have to do is exert a little effort and voila, we’re there! What am I talking about? Read here to know more about our experience.

Spots to visit:
>> Bagasbas Beach
>> CWC (CamSur Watersports Complex)


Since there were 6 of us, we stayed at one of the AC dorm rooms of Bagasbas Lighthouse Hotel.

I am sure you’ll find it interesting too since the room is a renovated container van. Don’t worry, it is clean and well-maintained. Plus, it is directly across Bagasbas Beach.


BICOL EXPRESS – A Bicol experience wouldn’t be complete without this dish so indulge yourself with the spiciest version of this.

ENSALADA – There was grilled seafood as well but a beach getaway isn’t complete without this sumptuous dish di ba?

YEMA CAKE – Tasted this goodie when we stopped over in Naga City for lunch. This is most delicious pastry I’ve got to indulge in years!


• If you want to save money, buy and cook your food on the island. Better yet, bring your own before heading there to avoid the hassle.

• Water is scarce on the island. In order to wash anything, we need to pump water from a poso but I don’t think this is viable for drinking.

• It is indeed a bumpy ride. To avoid motion sickness, drink some anti-nausea medication as Bonamine. You will need it, trust me.

• Do not go there on a February or any month that the polar ice caps are still melting. Sobrang lamig! We couldn’t stand being in the water that long.

• You can buy your pasalubong in Naga City’s Sentro. There you can choose from toasted siopao, pili nuts and my fave, tablea.


Special shout out to the people who helped us make this trip possible. In behalf of my travel crew, maraming salamat po. Sa uulitin!

Bagasbas Lighthouse Hotel and Resort, you may check their FB page or contact them directly at 09175101856 and 09999922898.

Our boatman, Kuya Putong, contact him at 09205666985. I advise you to call him because sometimes he doesn’t have load.


** Our Camarines Norte tour has been done last Feb 4-6, 2015. Pics were taken using Nikon D3100 and Sony Cybershot TX30.          


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