Tipsy Beans Unplugged: Experience Board Games & Coffee with a Hint of Alcohol

Tipsy Beans Unplugged: Experience Board Games & Coffee with a Hint of Alcohol

Sitting at the heart of Ortigas city lies a cafe shop that offers a different kind of hang-out experience. Tipsy Beans Unplugged caters to its customers by serving coffee with a splash of alcohol. Well, the amount of liquor content in your coffee will be totally up to you. The best part? They definitely won’t judge. But going beyond tipsy is not allowed.

The Start-up Story

Owners, Matthew Mota, is a hard core board game collector and enthusiast whilst Mat Requinala has a vision of putting up a coffee shop but with the liquor twist. With these separate visions, the former college buddies and office mates together with Matthew’s wife and store manager Anne Mota, they incorporated their ideas and franchised Tipsy Beans.

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Integrated with the board game concept, Tipsy Beans Unplugged is currently the only franchise which offers both hence doubling customer’s coffee experience.

Why Tipsy Beans?

The name of the cafe pertains to the fresh idea of combining liquor and coffee (should you wish to do so). Because why would you stick to just coffee when you can spike it right? Haha.

Plus, this particular coffee shop offers much more than just the usual cafe experience. How? You can get to play with their treasured board game collection! Board Gamers unite!

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I have asked the owners how much does one board game cost and they say that though such may vary, most of it are not cheap.  So,in the premise that one will be returning it in the same condition you borrowed it, you are very much welcome to play it for free!

The Menu Bestsellers

Sober Beverages

These are the recommended ‘sober’ beverages as it doesn’t come with any liquor. Perfect for classic coffee drinkers and for people who just want to hang-out.

At times like these that I wish that I could taste the caffeine refreshments but my mild ulcer prevents me from doing so. In this case, I have relied on my better half’s opinion regarding these drinks. And according to him, such are better tasting than those he bought from a fancy coffee chain.

Tipsy Cold Drinks

I would suggest that you be more adventurous and go for the tipsy drinks to feel the kick of liquor. I have tried their Milo Chupacabra during the cafe’s soft opening last year and I really dig it! They have spiked it with a couple of tequila shots and surprisingly, you wouldn’t really taste that there is an alcohol in it. It actually added pizzazz on the Milo drink itself! This is something that I would really recommend to friends.

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Milo Chupacabra P110

They let us take a shot on another tipsy refresher. I am enjoying my drinks when I looked at my watch and realized that I am consuming a Irish Cream on Coffee Rocks at 11 am! It tasted more of a Baileys drink but with a little bit of a surprise. The ice are hardened coffee! Now, talk about twists!

The cafe also offers milkshakes and it was my first time to try the Bacon Milkshake. Sounded like a savory snack but the bacon complemented the milk-based beverage. Plus, it wasn’t that sweet and I could even taste bacon bits in there! Sometimes, it is just nice to try new things, right?

Main Dishes

From the array of dishes they have served us, it was the Spicy Tuna Pesto (P150) and the Adobo Flakes (110) which came out to be our favorites. I, personally, preferred the pasta as there was a balance of flavors: with the right amount of salt and spiciness.

The Adobo Flakes, on the other hand, is a dish you can definitely consume at anytime of the day. And once the adobo sauce have already been poured over the flakes, ooooh it was that good!

Tipsy Beans Unplugged also served Spam Tempura, to which is, literally a tempura breading coated spam with of course, tempura sauce. Moreover, the cafe also serves snacks as nachos and sandwiches.

In Conclusion

With a new take on the usual tambayan, good food and unique coffee experience, I suggest everyone to check out Tipsy Beans Unplugged as your next solo and/or barkada hang-out place. And oh, the best part? Everything’s only under P210!

Tipsy Beans Unplugged
Unit 108 Tycoon Center Condominium
Pearl Drive/Amethyst Street
Ortigas Center

FB: Tipsy Beans Unplugged Ortigas
IG: @tipsybeansunplugged

Open from Monday to Saturday: 10AM-12MN. Closed on Sundays.

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Written by Tody Dino

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