Talicud Island Tour | Davao Travel Guide

Talicud Island Tour | Davao Travel Guide

Hindi ako nainform, sobrang malubak pala!

This is a place where your butt endurance will be tested. You have to brace yourself in facing very rough roads the entire tour.

Talicud Island has crazy potential and I really do hope that the tourism in this place will boom just like what happened to Samal.

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From Manila, the fastest way to get to Davao is by plane. Cebu Pacific flies directly to Davao and it will only take less than 2 hours to get there.

We then took a taxi to get to Sta. Ana Wharf wherein we rode a passenger boat to Isla Reta in able to reach Talicud Island.


To begin with, we had a very early flight (yes, 4 am levels) to Davao and we previously decided to go straight to Talicud Island on our first day.

Since there were no flight delays, we arrived at the wharf around 7-ish in the morning. And if I was not mistaken the first boat trip to Isla Reta is 9 am. Though we didn’t leave until such was full.

We finally arrived at our destination by 11am and started our inland tour after we had lunch. I know, what a day. Whew!

Spots to visit:

Isla Reta
We reached Isla Reta because this is where the passenger boat alights. We didn’t stay at this resort because we opted for a cheaper accommodation.


Baga Cave
As soon as we had lunch, we started our tour by going in this first stop.  It was said that the name of the cave originated from sunog-baga.

People who often drink a lot are coloquially referred to in Filipino as sunog-baga. As per our guide, the cave initially served as a drinking haven to sunog-bagas back in the day, hence the name.

(Tumawa ka na. Alam ko natawa ka din.)

Isla Bonita
This island is highly recommended by a friend and I can see why. I felt so dreamy when I saw the view (or maybe just because I’m still busog?)

As much as we would like to take a dip, we need to walk quite far just to get to the water. It was low tide when we get there and we have to endure the rocky part just to swim.

So I said, naaah, never mind. We just admired its beauty from afar. And just look at our pictures. Partida, sa malayo pa kuha yan ha!


Long Beach
This destination was a revelation for me. Do you see how clear the water is? Nakakaloka sa linaw, di ba?!

Kuya guide told us that Long Beach has the most strategic location amongst other beaches in the locality. Why?

From there, you can catch a glimpse of every beach in Talicud Island. He then started pointing where’s which.

Check this one out so you’ll know what I’m talking about. Like you need more convincing eh noh?


Giant Balete Tree
Standing tall amidst the typhoons and other natural disaster is this Giant Balete Tree. And just like other Balete trees, this one got its legend as well.

I won’t tell you the story (for the suspense) but it’s a Balete and this one got its mysterious tale as well. But what separates it from the trees I’ve seen before?

The roots are quite suspended in the air and it honestly looks like split ends…yep, like the one in your hair.

Dadatan Bat Conservation Park
This spot completely caught me off guard. Well, I know that it is a bat sanctuary but what I forgot about bats is, uhm, the smell.

Smell of what you might ask? Well, their poopers also known as guano. In effect, as we drew close to their hiding place, the scent is really getting stronger. Lam mo yung parang sinapak ng amoy yung ilong mo? Ganun!

We just took few pictures of the place though I couldn’t post it since it’s quite dim and the camera flash did not help in nailing a dark subject. Basta panget so wag na!


Dayang Beach
Our last stop was this beach which also served as our home for the night. By the time we arrived at Dayang, it was starting to get dark and that surely means one thing: SUNSET!


If you have been following me for a while now, you will know that I do love watching the sunrise and sunsets.


Not only these kind of shots great for your social media feeds but such can also bring out the ’emo’ in anyone. Aminin, nakakasenting tunay!

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We stayed at Dayang Beach Resort for a night. The cost per night is P700 for a fan room enough for 2 persons.

See contact details below for more information.



>> I have forgotten the name of this dish but it seems that it is a delicacy in Talicud. This is the first dish we ate when we set foot in Talicud in the nearest carinderia we could find.


• For one thing, Talicud has more rough roads than those that aren’t. With this in mind, you have to prepare yourself for a very rocky shaky experience. Literally.

• It’s equally important that you hydrate yourself at all times. Don’t forget to bring water.

• Similarly, always put on some sunscreen.

• Since carinderias are mostly located near the port, you can buy your food there before going home. Consequently, you can order them at your accommodation but at a higher price.


Expenses Subtotal ÷ by 2
Boat fareto Talicud 160 80
Breakfast and lunch 180 90
Habal Inland Tour 700 350
Dayang Beach Resort 700 350
Dinner 240 120
TOTAL P 1,980 P 990


Our Talicud inland tour contact was Kuya Lalang. You may contact him at 0947-986-3729. If you happen to avail his services, please say hi for me!

By the same token, we chose to have our overnight stay at Dayang Beach Resort. You may contact them at 0999-459-1318.

** Our Davao tour has been done last Jul 20-23 and Sept 3, 2016. Pics were taken using Nikon D3100Sony Cybershot TX30 and Samsung S7.

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