Taipei City Tour | Taiwan Travel Guide

Taipei City Tour | Taiwan Travel Guide

On our last day in Taiwan, we decided to check out Taipei on our own. And since we have been busy circling around the country for the last few days, we were quite exhausted and chose to start late on our Taipei city tour.

My itinerary wasn’t that packed compared to other days so we can chill and do some slow-paced traveling.

Plus, factor in the shopping and food tripping, that is not something you want to rush into right?

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To get to Taiwan, we availed a seat sale ticket months prior our trip from Cebu PacificWe landed in Taipei and the plane ride only took 2 hours from Manila.

And according to recent events, Air Asia now also offers direct flights to Taipei as of Nov 2016.


We never intended to just stay in Taipei. And though we landed there, we immediately left it for another and nature-centric provinces, no regrets about it btw.

We may have 6 days to roam around Taiwan but we only alloted a single day for Taipei. Andun na kame eh, so why not? We’re not really city people, I guess.

It also best to avail a 1-day train pass to save and have no fear of wasting money in case you get lost. That’s what we did.

Spots to visit:

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
Our first stop and we already noticed that it was chilly in that particular day. And I wasn’t in my cold weather attire and it was too late to go back to our hotel to change.

But girls has what we call tiis ganda moment and that’s what became m motivation while combatting the cold. And as luck would have it, the place is an open area and it was windy most of the time. Para pa akong inaasar!

You can actually go inside and have a closer look of the exhibit and statue inside.

The view from the top overlooking the National Concert Hall and National Theater.

Longshan Temple
Located in Taipei’s old village, Wanhua District, Longshan Temple is said to be the most well-known being one of the largest and oldest temple in Taiwan.

We scouted the temple’s vicinity and watched some of the devotees pray to Buddha. You can visit this place by taking the MRT from the Taipei Main Station.

A place suitable for shoppers and foodies, Ximending is full of variety of department shops and themed restaurants.

We arrived even before the Modern Toilet resto opened so we took advantage of roaming around and it got us empty pockets because of shopping! Ang mura and ang gaganda ng products, we couldn’t let it pass!

Bring a shopping bag, you will surely need it.

Had lunch with this famous themed restaurant, Modern Toilet.

Taipei 101
Hailed as the world’s tallest building from 2004-2009, Taipei 101 was said to be created as a symbol of technology’s evolution.

It also houses a multi-level shopping mall, department stores and variety of restaurants as the famous Din Tai Fung, where we ate our last dinner in Taiwan.


We spent the night in Main Inn Taipei though if we only knew that it is really not near the city center we would’ve stuck with Citizen Hotel insteadBreakfast was not included in the room rate.

See contact details below for more information.


Stinky Tofu – A dish that will need someone’s acquired taste…and nose. Because it will not be called one if it isn’t stinky but it is tasty!

Mochi – I love Taiwan more because of mochi! Tried most of its flavors except matcha and I liked This can also serve as your pasalubong so hoard as many as you can!

Milk Tea – Don’t leave Taiwan without tasting their milk teas. I wasn’t a fan until I tasted theirs and it was crazy delicious, mura pa! A large one only costs a little over P50.


• They have night markets in every city! Try to find them and do your food trips there in order to save money as well.

• We went to Taiwan on the 1st week of November and it was quite chilly. Bring appropriate clothes and comfortable footwear.

• Expect to be lost in this city. We did and we both laughed it off. We walked for half an hour before giving up and went to the next place in our list. Word of advice: don’t sweat it.

• It will be cheaper if you are to avail of the one-day MRT pass given that you will do a city tour.


We stayed at Main Inn Taipei. We booked them thru


**Our Taipei city tour has been done during our Taiwan trip last Oct 29 – Nov 4, 2014. Pics were taken using Nikon D3100 and Sony Cybershot TX30.

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