Do Something New: Bella Tries Go Karting

Do Something New: Bella Tries Go Karting

I really do get scared easily. I may not look like it but I do. If someone invites me to go karting then, I would probably say no. See, I don’t engaged in activities that are not right up my alley…well, not until 3 years ago.

I started doing these so-called ‘new things’ when I had an epiphany a few years back. Plus, those memes saying that you aren’t just born to pay bills and die are accurate. So I tried several activities I have never imagined to be doing like river tubing and diving for the first time in Sarangani, dual zip-lined in South Cotabato and braving the raging Pacific Ocean waves for our Calaguas trip, amongst other things.

And to kick start our 2016 adventure, why not try go karting? I must say, I am glad that we did try this one as we were not disappointed.

Jump-off point

To be honest, we do not know where Circuit in Makati was so we just managed to hire a GrabCar to get us there. Though we spotted a Makati Loop jeepney which passed by the mall while waiting for our ride home.

What We Did

I have suggested this activity to my better half as a  birthday gift, to which he didn’t refuse (of course). And I am not sure why I think of doing this with him (this was way and I mean, way out of my comfort zone). But I’m glad I did because that was a superb 12 minutes of my adult life!

So on a hot Saturday, we brought our competitive selves in City Kart and drove the karts as fast as we can. Well, as far as what my feet can push, really.

See, I was too short for the karts and the guides have to stop me in the middle of the track to add around 4 chairs for me to sit on. Quite embarrassing but it worked.

Go Karting (3)
Hence I stepped on the gas and continued to go around the race course…under the heat of the sun without sunscreen. Though the effect of it was known to me after the activity. So, yeah.

Some may say that the fee we paid for our 12-minute run was pricey. Maybe, but it was a matter of perspective. Will I do it again? YES! Though not in a regular basis. And I have to try it soon. Why? Because I no longer have to pay for the registration fee of P160 (it has 1 year validity).

City Kart (4)

Travel Tips

• We did the activity after lunch and it was scorching hot! They will not hand you a racing suit when it is 40 degrees outside. Don’t forget to put on some sunscreen.

• We availed the Balaclava, a head sock (P150), the one that is used before you out your helmet. For hygienic purposes essentially. Such is available at the counter. Though bring yours if you happen to own one.

• If you are like me who is not really ‘sporty’ and into race karts, worry not as an orientation will be given by the guides before you can drive the karts.

• Wear comfortable foot wear specifically sneakers or rubber shoes.

**Our Go Karting activity has been done last Jan 16, 2016 as my birthday gift for my beau-tographer. Pics were taken using Sony Cybershot TX30.

Travel Expense Summary



Divide by 2

Race Registration



Race Kart Fee



Balaclava (head sock)




P 1,860

P 930


For groups, it is best to call them to reserve your slots. If less than 3 people and as City Kart had advised us, it is fine to do a walk-in. They can accommodate you either way. You can drop by City Kart’s website as well as their Facebook page here. Or you can text them at 0915-447-1060 just be mindful of their opening hours.

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Written by Tody Dino

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