Simple Yet Efficient Solutions For a Pleasurable Airport Experience

Simple Yet Efficient Solutions For a Pleasurable Airport Experience

Airports give off the impression of a gateway of constantly changing emotions. People either go from zero to one hundred when it comes to the amount of shed tears, or do a 180-degree turn from inexplicable anxiety to overwhelming joy. Aside from this roller coaster of feelings, these establishments are also witnesses to a different kind of passion, one that involves a fair amount of stress with a touch of anger. Thankfully, as resilient as the human race is, experienced travelers have come up with these simple yet efficient solutions that make airport life a tad bit pleasurable.

1. Know then Pre-book Parking Spaces

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When driving to the airport, it’s important to know which type of parking suits your specific needs. UK-based price comparison site, Parking4Less, categorizes these according to the terminal and the length of stay. Take Gatwick Airport in London. There four options to choose from: North Terminal’s short and long stay, as well as South Terminal’s short and long stay. In essence, every choice has its corresponding pros and cons, it just depends what suits the traveller the most. Also remember to – just like booking a promo flight – reserve the parking slot ahead of time.

2. Take Advantage of Airport Amenities

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From sleeping pods to high-end restaurants; free Internet to fashion boutiques, every airport offers a bunch of unique selling points. So in order to fully maximize the various perks of each, do a lot of research about what an airport has in store. For example, the Hong Kong International Airport showcases a nine-hole golf course complete with equipment rental and baggage storage. That way, passengers can play a round of golf in the middle of a long layover. To further help with these varying features, there’s an app called Gate Guru that details everything a traveler needs to know about their airport.

3. It’s Right to Go Left

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Past studies have shown picking the left line – more often than not – allows a passenger to go through all the pre-boarding process quickly. Reason being is that majority of travelers are right handed, thus they tend to automatically choose the right lane. It’s a trivial thought compared to the first two on the list, but these little outcomes sometimes spell the most satisfying victories.

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Written by Tody Dino

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