Samal Island Tour | Davao Travel Guide

Samal Island Tour | Davao Travel Guide

We may have set foot on this island but what I regret is we didn’t get a chance to see the beach Samal is known for.

I really do hope that I get to fly to Davao for the third time just to catch a glimpse of the famous Kaputian Beach.

I have a feeling that will make my Davao experience complete. Well, that’s just my take.

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From Manila, the fastest way to get to Davao is by plane. Cebu Pacific flies directly to Davao and it will only take less than 2 hours to get there.

But since we were in Talicud Island the day before, we just took a passenger pump boat from Isla Reta to Samal. Ride took less than 20 minutes.


We never intended to stay long in Samal to begin with. We were previously advised that accomodation and/or food prices there tend to be a bit higher compared to the city.

Under those circumstances, we then decided to do a half day Samal Island exploration then head back to Davao city in the afternoon.

Spots to visit:

Sabang Cliff
It was said that this cliff is a place where adventure seekers can do cliff diving. We didn’t do such though, well, just because nagkatamaran perhaps?

Not to mention there’s a ‘rock stairs’ where you can go down and explore the lower part of the cliff. And the view there was really spectacular! Ay ning, baka mapatalon ka sa ganda!


Maxima Fun Resort
First, I didn’t realize that Maxima is far from the port. Like 20 minutes habal-habal far.

Second, waaaah, walang beach! It is already a 120 ft deep waters na agad.

Then again, the resort boasts of its many amenities for its guest though we were there on a weekday and most of such are closed.

But we still enjoyed our stay there as we tried their 40 meter water slide and it was fuuuun! Adrenaline rush and all!

By all means, conquer your fear and try it! Masaya siya, promise!


Paradise Island
We went here the second time we visited Davao City to attend a friend’s wedding.

Truth is, we were there when a bomb at Roxas Night Market exploded. As can be seen, we are alive and well though I couldn’t say the same with the victims (my condolences to their families).

The explosion was fresh at that time so it was decided to go to Paradise Island as we were tipped off to stay away from ports and crowded places.

Paradise has its own port and just 15 minutes from the city. Honestly, ok lang siya and I wanted to see Kaputian Beach sana. Well, kung makabalik siguro.


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We stayed at Jade Dragon Suites for 2 nights. The cost per night is P950 for an AC twin room.

It’s very near the Roxas Night Market, the reason why we chose it. See contact details below for more information.


>> World’s Worst Ribs – On the contrary to its name, this was one of the most sarap-to-the-bones ribs I’ve ever tasted.

The name was just given by Lyndon’s, the resto you can order such for less than P250 for 500 gms of ribs. Sobrang suleeet!

>> Baked Scallops – Still from Lyndon’s and made me miss the scallops I had in Gigantes. How was it? I can eat a whole plate of this as a matter of fact. Ganun siya kasarap.


• To point out, Samal is a huge island and Maxima is quite far from the port and most of the tourist spots. With this in mind, manage your time accordingly.

• It’s equally important that you hydrate yourself at all times. Don’t forget to bring water.

• Similarly, always put on some sunscreen.

• Setting the bomb explosion aside, we had fun food tripping in Roxas Night Market the first time we went there. You may still do this but just be vigilant at all times.


Expenses Subtotal ÷ by 2
Trike to Sta Cruz Wharf 120 60
Boat fare to Samal 30 15
Maxima Resort fee 600 300
Paradise Island fee 400 200
Lunch 200 100
Habal to ferry wharf 150 75
Ferry to Sasa Wharf 20 10
Dinner 250 125
TOTAL P 1,770 P 885


Kuya Toto served as our habal driver in Samal. You may contact him at 0918-525-0035. If you happen to avail his services, please say hi for me!

By the same token, we chose to have our overnight stay at Jade Dragon Suites. You may contact them at 0916-944-4897.

**Our Davao tour has been done last Jul 20-23 and Sept 3, 2016. Pics were taken using Nikon D3100Sony Cybershot TX30 and Samsung S7.

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