BUDGETARIAN SERIES: Romblon-Boracay Barkada Trip for Php 6,300 ($133)

BUDGETARIAN SERIES: Romblon-Boracay Barkada Trip for Php 6,300 ($133)

While organizing our itinerary, I got to know that there are three main islands of Romblon. And yet we can only go to 2 of it.

We have to give up Sibuyan mostly because of the time constraint.

We first started with a tiresome activity switching to an adventurous one the next day. Then capping off our trip with a half-day chikahan filled chillin’ at the beach.

And of course, food trip. Oh, not to mention Boracay, to which we just turned to for a soothing massage.

Bella Romblon2 (6)

Us admiring the view from afar.


Since we are mostly Manila-based, we rode a bus from Buendia first to get to Batangas port. Bus ride took 1.5 hours.

To get to Romblon Island, you need to board a 2Go Travel shipping vessel. The sea journey will take at least 8 hours.

One can also opt to originate and take a plane to Tablas via Philippine Airlines and navigate from there.


Day 1: Romblon Island Tour

We may lack sleep due to the 9-hour ferry ride to  Romblon but we still continued with our island tour.

Are we really going to miss all the things that Romblon has to offer? Of course not!

Bella Romblon1 (10)

As a matter of fact, I was truly amazed with the beauty we saw that day. Especially with the marble and other stunning rocks we saw along the way.

Given these points, this province has proved of being a stunner which really deserved to be on my travel bucket list!

Read here to know more about our experience.

Spots to Visit:

>> Marble Factory at Brgy. Cajimos
>> Fort San Andres
>> St. Joseph Cathedral
>> Apunan Point Lighthouse
>> Talipasak Beach
>> Bonbon Beach

Day 2: Calatrava Island Tour

To set foot on one of Tablas Island’s best kept secret was a privilege. Our tour guide also mentioned that even the locals or known travel bloggers have not seen such. O di ba?!

Bella Romblon2 cover

Furthermore, a recently discovered cave to be named after you (yes, me! see Pearl of Melody) was even an honor.

Want to know the backstory? Read it fully here. It’s either matatawa o mabwibwiset ka! Lol.

Spots to Visit:

>> Tablas Viewdeck
>> Blue Hole Bay
>> Secret Underwater Cave
>> Pearl of Melody
>> Lapus-lapus Island
>> Paksi Beach
>> Tinagong Dagat

Day 3: Carabao Island Tour & Boracay

Oh Romblon, you just continues to fascinate me! Those were my thoughts when we arrived at Carabao Island.

Still under this province and a few minutes from Boracay. When I first heard about it, I was then thinking that at least people now have an option instead on simply staying in the party island.

Well, that’s just me. You may read our full Carabao Island to Bora experience here.

Bella Carabao (1)

Spots to Visit:

>> Carabao Island
>> Boracay


We stayed at Parc Bay Mansion for a night. The cost per night is P800 for an AC twin room. It’s only 5 minutes from the Romblon port.

We decided to stay at Caesar’s Lodging Inn for a night. The cost per night P850 for an AC twin room. Its location is less than an hour away from Sta Fe port.

Since we went straight to Boracay from Carabao Island, we stayed at Ernest’s Place located at Station 2. The cost per night is P1,500 for an AC twin room good enough for 3 people.


Usually, I have food suggestions but this time I don’t have one. There’s always a carinderia near our hotels and we ate most of our meals there.

I asked the locals if they have a specialty and said there was none. So I guess, marble it is?


• Shell out more for a Tourist Class ticket since it will be in an AC room. It will come as a surprise what Super Value Class looks like especially when you are quite, uhm, maselan.

• It’s equally important that you hydrate yourself at all times. Don’t forget to bring water.

• Similarly, always put on some sunscreen.

• Also, bring your snorkeling and/or diving gears. I purposely didn’t bring mine and as a result, I regretted it instantly.

• We observed that stores and carinderias closes as early as 7 pm, hence, it’s best to have your dinner early.

• Buy lots of marble stuff too! We did and I now have many figurines on my travel cabinet. Just make sure youhave a baggage allowance on your way back.


Expenses Total ÷ by 6
One-way 2Go ferry ticket 8,049.84 1,341.64
One-way plane ticket from Caticlan 3,594 599
Batangas ferry terminal fee 180 30
Day 1: Romblon Island
Breakfast  —— 60
Parc Bay Mansion (3 twin rooms) 2,400 400
Romblon Jeep Tour 2,500 416.67
Dinner   —— 75
Day 2: Calatrava Island
Pump boat to Tablas 600 100
Environmental Fee 60 10
Van transfers 2,500 416.67
Boat rental 2,000 333.33
Lunch 300 50
Blue Hole entrance fee 600 100
Lapus-Lapus entrance fee 600 100
Ceasar’s Lodge Inn (3 twin rooms) 2,550 425
Dinner    —— 75
Day 3: Carabao Island & Boracay
Pump boat to Carabao 600 100
Boat rental to Bora 3,000 500
Ernest Place (3 twin rooms) 4,500 750
Lunch  —— 200
Dinner  —— 60
Transpo to Caticlan airport  —— 160
TOTAL P 34,033.84 P 6,302.31

• Pasalubong money not included.



Kuya Toto helped us contract a jeepney for our Romblon Island tour. You may contact him at 0918-852-0035.

By the same token, we chose to have our overnight stay at Parc Bay Mansion. You may contact them c/o Kuya Ritchie Samson at 0921-575-7760.

Calatrava & Looc

Deo Fausto of Deo’s Islands Adventures Toursntravels handled our doorless van transfers and served as our tour guide during the Calatrava island hopping tour.

You may contact Kuya Deo at 0999-002-0806 or 0997-920-0270.

Also, we chose to have our overnight stay at Caesar’s Loding Inn. You may contact them c/o Joy at 0919-657-3906.

Carabao Island & Boracay

Ate Lea of Carabao Island Tourism Office likewise helped us contract a boat going to Boracay. You may reach her at 0926-136-7455.

Moreover, we chose to have our overnight stay at Ernest’s Place Boracay. You may contact them at 0920-532-5613.

**Our Romblon-Boracay tour has been done last June 10-14, 2016. Pics were taken using Sony Cybershot TX30 and Samsung S7.

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