Phuket City Tour | Phuket Travel Guide

Phuket City Tour | Phuket Travel Guide

So we went back to Phuket to roam around a little, sayang naman kasi db? Andun na kame eh. It was quite nice because we got the chance to be blessed by a monk.

Loved the night markets and of course, the authentic Thai food! But the one thing we didn’t do? We were that satisfied with Krabi that we didn’t bother taking a peek of its beaches. Tamang libot lang talaga.

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Jump-off point

From Manila, the fastest way to get to Phuket is by plane. Cebu Pacific flies directly to Phuket  thrice a week, MWF. It will take around 3 hours to get there.

If you’ve got patience, you can also fly via AirAsia (for Manila-Phuket) or Jetstar (Manila-Phuket) with a layover in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, respectively. The amount of layover time may depend upon the airline but it can get as long as 21 hours.

What We Did

It was our last day and since our flight back to Manila was still later that night, we decided to do a city tour to make sense of our remaining hours in Phuket.

We chose not to do beach hopping as we already had our fair share of such during our Krabi tour. Plus, ang nognog na kasi namen!

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Spots to visit:

Chalong Temple
I can’t exactly remember when I started fascinating about temples but I continued to be amazed by it whenever we visit one. Chalong Temple is one of the most aesthetically stunning temples I had set foot in.

Pink to peach colored walls and gold accents, you will really be amazed on how they maintain the beauty of such. Labas palang kakamangha na, promise!

Phuket (8)

Big Buddha
Next, we were dropped by our tour driver by the Big Buddha’s entrance. Since I was wearing a dress, a staff lent me a sarong to cover my legs. We then walked towards the statue which was amazingly enormous and white. I later learned that Big Buddha is made of white Burmese marble.

The surroundings of the Big Buddha was currently being constructed hence it was quite difficult to nail a good shot of the Buddha as well as capturing the viewpoint of Phuket. Tried our best and got several decent shots, I suppose.

There was really not much to see in the vicinity so when we saw a line for the monk blessing, we ran for it! I was curious of the ritual that even though it took us half an hour waiting, well, I’m just glad that we did. We now have the string bracelets as proof. Yay!

Phuket Old Town
Such showcases Sino-Portuguese buildings on both sides of the street though many old buildings have been converted into shops, hotels, restaurants and even museums.

I also believe that is used to be a two-way street however with th double parking of cars, it wasn’t really that obvious anymore. Just saying.

Phuket (4)

After visiting the above-mentioned landmarks, our driver suggested for us to check out by a jewelry outlet nearby. A place where I felt very luxurious being surrounded by those (very) expensive gems. Sad to say however, pricey stones were not in my budget at that time.

Last stop was a souvenir center, to which we bought a lot of pasalubong and both ended up having them boxed as a check-in baggage. Take note, tig-isang box ha. We splurged a bit ang dame tuloy! Waaah.

Where We Stayed

We stayed overnight at Patong Princess Hotel thru The cost per night is THB 500 (around Php 670). The hotel was spacious, really big enough for two people and situated in a strategic location. Just a walking distance from the night market, spas and restaurants.

Also, for that rate, you can get to use their rooftop swimming pool for free.

Food Recommendations

>> Fried Seafood Glass Noodles – Bought it cheap from the night market and it was even good enough for two! I was really happy because the dish has overwhelming seafood sahog. 

>> Homemade Gelato – This ice cream just intrigued both of us. We saw this first before the glass noodles stall and we intentionally didn’t full our stomachs with heavy dishes so just to try it.

What’s cool about it is that, you get to choose the flavor and toppings of the gelato and the server will make it into an ice cream in front of you. Got a video of it and all! Score!

Travel Tips

• It is better to have your own tour driver to roam you around the city. You can manage your own time and no tour mates to mind.• It is customary to remove your shoes before entering any temple. Cover your shoulders, chest, belly and legs as well.
• Don’t forget to bring water. Hydrate yourself at all times.
• Don’t forget to put on some sunscreen.
• Try the authentic Thai massage. It’s actually cheaper and those sore muscles will be awaken!

**Our Krabi-Phuket tour has been done during our Thailand trip last May 2-6, 2016. Pics were taken using Nikon D3100 and Sony Cybershot TX30.

Travel Expense Summary

Expenses in THB in Php ÷ by 2
Accommodation 500 670 335
Breakfast 310 415.40 207.70
Phuket City Tour + airport transfers 1,500 2,010 1,005
Lunch 470 629.80 314.90
TOTAL THB 2,780 P 3,725.20 P 1,862.60

Note: Airfare and pasalubong money not included.


As for our accommodation, we chose to have our overnight stay at Patong Princess Hotel. You may email them at or reach them via Facebook here.

I chose not to recommend our Phuket driver’s details. I am not happy with his services as well as the experience wasn’t that great. We have to be satisfied first before I can endorse anyone, right?

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