Bella’s Layover Series: A Glimpse of KL at Night

Bella’s Layover Series: A Glimpse of KL at Night

There are no direct flights to Myanmar so we decided to take advantage of Air Asia X‘s seat sale months’ prior our trip. Catch is, there will be hours of layover in Kuala Lumpur to get to Yangon.

We chose to avail such for fear that booking broken flights won’t cover us in case of delays.

Plane ride from Manila to KL and KL to Yangon will take around 4 hours and less than 1.5 hours, respectively.

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We have hours to spare in KL because this was our gateway to Yangon, Myanmar. And since we arrived at a reasonable time on our first day in KL, we thought of using it wisely by availing a city tour.

Our city tour started around 6pm and I admit that I feared that the sights we are about to see might not be as good as what it looks like during the day, I was completely wrong.

This city bounces back to life by night. And those dramatic lights, oh so pretty!

Spots to visit:

Batu Caves
I have read somewhere that the Batu Caves is open until 9pm so we grabbed the chance to see it.

You must climb 272 steps to get to the Hindu shrine and temple at the top. Unfortunately, the famous and the world’s tallest statue of Murugan is being renovated at the time of our visit.

Even though KL is already a modern city, they are still quite conservative to clothing most especially when entering temples. Hinarang ako sa entrance pa lang.

I left my sarong back in the car so we went back to retrieve it, however, it started to rain and the wind blew hard. Kaloka lang!

We just took some pictures and decided to move on to our next destination.


Istana Negara
This is the newest residential King’s Palace. I believe it is better to be seen at night due to its impressive gate lightings. Just look.

And get this, the royal palace is said to be valued at RM 997 million, roughly Php 11 billion. Woah! How nice is it be royalty for once, huh?!

KL Layover 2


Petronas Towers
This is one of KL’s most popular tourist spots, well, besides Batu Caves. Before the Taipei 101 and Burj Khalifa were built, Petronas Towers was once named as the world’s tallest building.

And to be honest, I have seen this sight a million times in my social media newsfeed so I wasn’t really excited to see this. But boy, I was amazed when I looked at it in real life! Such a stunner!

KL Layover 3

Menara KL Tower
Likewise, one of KL’s famous spots and nearly situated with the Petronas Towers. Literally, you should just have to face right. What is more amazing is that, the KL Tower changes its color every minute.

From pink to green and to other color variations, it looks like a blinking tower and is better viewed at night.


This is by far the most remarkable government district I have seen in my life! Malaysia’s governmental ministries can be seen in Putrajaya.

And when you get to see it, mahihiya ang mga admin offices natin dito sa Pinas, swear!

This is also where the Prime Minister’s office is located which is dubbed as the ‘White House’ of Malaysia.

KL Layover 5

Cyberjaya Bridge
This bridge is one-of-a-kind. It also changes its colors like the KL Tower that makes it a photogenic sight.

We just have to stop for a while to watch the display of colors even though it was raining hard that night. We couldn’t help it, I guess!

KL Layover 4

Putrajaya International Convention Centre
The architectural design of the building is based on the shape of the eye a silver Malay royal belt buckle. Whilst the roof structure looks like a folded origami.

We managed to snap a few night photos of this KL PICC with the dramatic lightings of all its glory. Ganda di ba?!

KL Layover 1


Renting an accommodation at that point won’t be cost-efficient since our flight to Yangon will be at 6am the next day. So, we decided to stay the night at the KL airport.

Yes, I finally got to experience sleeping at the airport like seasoned backpackers do. Simple joys, I know.


>> There are a lot of food joints in the KL airport so you can choose depending on your food cravings and budget.

>> Our tour driver initially suggested to eat at Jalan Alor but we told him to bring us in a local but affordable resto. Hence, he brought us in Haslam, one of the locals’ go-to dining place.


• KL though a modern city is still quite conservative when it comes to clothing. With this in mind, shorts and dresses above the knee are still not prohibited in temples and in Batu Caves.

• It’s equally important to  exchange your money to Malaysian Ringgit (RM) so you can pay in local currency. It is more convenient and cheaper that way.

• If you are in KL for a layover like us, we’ve come to know that you don’t need to go straight to the transfer desk if you plan to explore the city.

You need to go thru immigration and have your passport stamped before leaving the airport.

• There is a long couch at the 2nd level food court in the departure area where we saw some of the passengers sleeping.

We mimicked them on the flight back to Manila. The first time though, we ordered food at McDonald’s and slept there.

• In case you need to shower, there is also a ‘hidden’ toilet at the lower ground near departure gates P and Q which has shower stalls. You’re welcome.


Our KL city tour driver is Mr. Zaidi. You may contact him at +60 11-1929-2912 via WhatsApp or shoot him an email at

** Our KL Layover has been experienced during our Myanmar trip last Oct 27 – Nov 4, 2016. Pics were taken using Nikon D3100 and Samsung S7.


Expenses Currency Subtotal in Php ÷ by 2
KL City Tour + airport transfers RM 300 3,480 1,740
Dinner RM 17 197.2 98.6
                                                                                                        TOTAL P 3,677.2 P 1,838.6

Note: RT airfare tickets and pasalubong money not included.                                                                                                     

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