Keelung, Jiufen & Shifen Tour | Taiwan Travel Guide

Keelung, Jiufen & Shifen Tour | Taiwan Travel Guide

You wouldn’t think of going to Keelung when you get to Taiwan. But since we are quite adventurous and nature trippers, you won’t really see us just exploring bustling city streets.

We did this on our previous travels and Taiwan is no exception. So as not to only stick to the sights of Taipei, we wandered across the country and we were pretty amazed.

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To get to Taiwan, we availed a seat sale ticket months prior our trip from Cebu PacificWe landed in Taipei and the plane ride only took 2 hours from Manila.

And according to recent events, Air Asia now also offers direct flights to Taipei as of Nov 2016.


We availed the services of a private tour guide in order to reach other nature areas of Taiwan.

It may seem costly to others but we paid for our convenience. We have limited time and I want to spend such productively by not getting lost most of our trip.

Plus, if you do know me, you’ll know that I am very inquisitive and I always ask (stupid) questions. So, the tour guide is really a must.

Spots to visit:

Yehliu Geopark
Said to be the home to a number of unique rock formations, such are formed because of geological movements.

The shapes are somewhat weird and some of them are quite phallic but I try not to notice that (but I did). Lol.

How the park looks like from afar.

A closer look at the rocks.

Bitou Cape
Brace yourself for a long and quite steep lakaran towards Bitou Cape. But don’t worry, the sights at the top is amazing, you might forget your legs are aching.

Nanya Rock Formations
Nanya is noted for its phenomenal rock formations and coral shore. The designed stone topography of Nanya was framed through the weathering of the sandstone that lines the shore.

The stone patterns are crazy beautiful and I do appreciate remarkable atractions like this!

Me trying to take that money shot. Lol.

Golden Waterfall
Located in Jinguashi, we passed by this waterfall on our way to the Gold Park. We tried to do a closer shot but to no avail. Pardon the photo with me in it. It is stunning in real life though!

Gold Ecological Park
This museum showcases the gold characteristics, with works of art made of gold and a world record 220 kg of 999.9 pure gold brick for visitors to see and touch. Yep, read that one right!

There are also other places to see inside the vicinity and we were ushered by our guide to check out the Crown Prince Chalet.

That 220 kg of pure gold though. No wonder he’s so kilig while touching it. Haha.

Just looking at this photo makes me feel so zen.

Jiufen Old Street
This is a long strip of stalls which sells local Taiwan products and food. Most of what we saw were really interesting.

Just one of the many interesting sights we saw while window shopping in Jiufen.

Shifen Skylantern
Our last stop for the day is to fly a lantern to the sky. But before doing so, we need to write in our aspirations so that the heavens will hear it. That’s basically the idea.

In all fairness, most of the things I wrote on the lantern came true. Like that Batanes 2015 ticket.


We spent two nights in Citizen Hotel which is just a walking distance from the MRT Dongmen Station. Free breakfast was also included in the room rate.

See contact details below for more information.


Miner’s Bento Box – Ate this while we were in the Gold Museum. The meal wasn’t really that tasty but we bought it because of the bento box. Ganda eh! 

Douhua – Our guide was really gushing while he was ordering this which is actualy a tofu pudding with syrup, peanut and ice. In short, it can be said that it is a Taiwanese version of our taho.

Fried Ice Cream – Tasted this while we were food tripping in Shilin Night Market. Made it an appetizer imbes na dessert. Saraaaap!


• If you like to maximize your sightseeing hours like us, you may avail the private car and guide tour offered by our contacts. We weren’t hassled and saved a lot of time.

• They have night markets in every city! Try to find them and do your food trips there in order to save money as well.

• We went to Taiwan on the 1st week of November and it was quite chilly. Bring appropriate clothes and comfortable footwear.


We stayed at Citizen Hotel. We booked them thru

You may also contact our tour guide Andy Lin via email at


**Our Keelung, Jiufen & Shifen tour has been done during our Taiwan trip last Oct 29 – Nov 4, 2014. Pics were taken using Nikon D3100 and Sony Cybershot TX30.

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