CingJing to Taichung Tour | Taiwan Travel Guide

CingJing to Taichung Tour | Taiwan Travel Guide

Honestly, when you think of Taiwan, you wouldn’t really think of CingJing or Taichung, di ba? I haven’t heard of these places until our guide recommended such knowing that we are good nature trippers.

I even find the name CingJing very amusing and just so you wait until how it is pronounced. The first time I heard our tour guide say it, I was saying it over and over without realizing it. Mutanga lang talaga.

The roadtrip took 2 days as the itinerary was: Hualien to CingJing then did the CingJing to Taichung the day after.

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To get to Taiwan, we availed a seat sale ticket months prior our trip from Cebu PacificWe landed in Taipei and the plane ride only took 2 hours from Manila.

And according to recent events, Air Asia now also offers direct flights to Taipei as of Nov 2016.

From Hualien, we did a land travel in order to get to spots in CingJing and eventually took the HSR train back to Taipei in Taichung.


Our CingJing to Taichung roadtrip started the morning after we visited Taroko Gorge which is situated in Hualien.

Travel time will be 2 hours from our first stop but there will be sightseeing spots along the way. Imagine being in a hop in and hop off tourist bus only we have our own tour car.

Spots to visit:

Bilv Divine Tree
We just passed by this tree as it was said to be sacred. I couldn’t remember the backstory why but what I can recall is that this is the place where I tasted the best peach hot tea in my whole life!

If you happen to visit this place, go to the shop across the street, there are many interesting local products being sold there.

Hehuan Mountain
Being reaching the highest peak of Taiwan, we visited this mountain since mountain gears are not necessary in order to climb it. Concrete stairs are already there to help tourists reach the top. Buti nalang.

You don’t actually need to go all the way up in order to see the luscious greneries and the amazing view. Though it was much quieter once you’re there given that there weren’t too many tourists on your side.

One of the most breathtaking nature sights I have ever seen! Grabeng ganda!

Peak Wu
This is said to be the highest peak in whole of Taiwan. Currently at 3,275 m above sea level to be exact. We really felt the gush of cold wind while we were there, a testament that we were indeed that high.

Little Swiss Garden
Just a walking distance from our accommodation, you can enter this garden twice in a 1 day. We didn’t know that detail at first but it was pointed out by our kind tour guide.

The first time we entered was right after we dropped off our bags. I even bought some chocolates at the nearby Nina’s Chocolate Factory while strolling the grounds.

Then the next time we were there was because there was a lights and fountain show at night and we watched such after dinner.

Carton King
We just passed by the Carton King on the way to the Swiss Garden. From animals to castles, we were just fascinated by the things that were made out of carton!

Green Green Grassland
Probably the most famous attraction in CingJing, Green Green Grassland showcases a stunning mountain backdrop as well as herds of sheep freely grazing at its grass plains.

Don’t miss out the sheep show where you will be surprised what more can these creatures do than just being adorable.

Sun Moon Lake
An hour to our land travel after, we were finally at the Shueishe Pier to ride a ferry going to certain tourist spots of Sun Moon Lake.

We went to XuanGuang Temple as well as do some food trip and pasalubong shopping at the Itathao Pier. No decent photos of these places as we had food in our hands most of the time. Haha.

Xiangshan Visitor Center
Our last stop for the day before heading back to Taipei. There was a vintage bike exhibit at the time of our visit but as soon as I saw a chocolate shop nearby, I immediately checked it out.

I know, priorities. Lol.

After our sightseeing trip in CingJing and Taichung, we were driven by our tour guide straight to the HSR Taichung train station to catch the train back to Taipei.

Travel from our last stop to the train station is a good 2-hour land travel.


We spent the night in CingJing Guesthouse which is a government owned facility but still well-maintained. Free breakfast was also included in the room rate.

The next day, we stayed in Main Inn Taipei though if we only knew that it is really not near the city center we would’ve stuck with Citizen Hotel insteadBreakfast was not included in the room rate.

See contact details below for more information.


Black Bean Pastry – Bought this while walking from the mall to the Shueishe Pier. There was a long lin at the shop so we got interested. The filling tasted like the one from our hopia but with pastry exterior.

Rice Burger – Our guide was surprised that we don’t have Mos Burger shops here in Pinas. It was like Jollibee to them though the fastfoof resto offers rice burgers than those served in a bun. Love the seafood burger! Sarap!

Rib Stew – Tried this one when we were already back in Taipei. We were hunting for a rice ulam and this caught our eye. Kind of Taiwanese version of our sinigang perhaps? Though theirs is a saltier take but it really wasn’t bad!


• Accommodations are really expensive in CingJing. I recommend that you reserve a room at the government owned CingJing Guesthouse to save some money.

• Whenever in a foreign country and a transportation is involved, ensure to arrive early so you have an ample time to ask for directions. Face it, the chances of getting lost is really high.

• As there will be a lot of walking involve, put on some comfortable shoes. Wearing rubber shoes or sneakers won’t bite.

• You can try to reduce the expenses by commuting. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with this and I wish you the best of luck just in case 🙂


As stated earlier, we stayed at  the CingJing Guesthouse. We booked them thru our tour guide whom also recommended the accommodation to us

You may also contact our TripAdvisor recommended Tour Guide, Neil Zeng via email: or via his Facebook page here.




**Our CingJing to Taichung tour has been done during our Taiwan trip last Oct 29 – Nov 4, 2014. Pics were taken using Nikon D3100 and Sony Cybershot TX30.

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