Carabao Island Tour | Romblon Travel Guide

Carabao Island Tour | Romblon Travel Guide

In case that you are a regular (or not) of the party island, I am assuming that you already know about Carabao Island. Well, just because it is only few minutes away from Bora!

Honestly, this island’s waters are Maldives-like: clear, calm and pristine. Best part? Not crowded at all. Who wouldn’t want that?!

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To get to Romblon or Tablas Island, you need to board a 2Go Travel shipping vessel. The sea journey will take at least 8 hours.

One can also opt to originate and take a plane to Tablas via Philippine Airlines and navigate from there.

From Sta. Fe Port in Looc, we took a passenger pump boat to Carabao Island.


It was another early morning for us as we need to catch the 9am pump boat to Carabao Island. Forty minutes later, we were at the Sta Fe port.

When we knew that the boat will leave by 9am, we ate breakfast first to past the time. And well, eveyone’s hungry, so what the heck.

But be reminded that though the port officials may tell you that the boat will leave at a certain time, there’s a huge possibility that it won’t.

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Bella Carabao (3)

View from the Sta Fe port going to Carabao Island.

In our case, they told us it will be 9am so we waited until it left by past 10:30 am.  And the look on the people I am with, oh, di mo na maipinta!

Don’t get me wrong, I was pissed as well but all I was thinking was: Sayang, 1.5 hours of sightseeing yung nawala.

Carabao Island

Another hour later and we finally arrived in Carabao Island. And to our amusement, this pristine clear waters welcomed us. Mapapa-wow ka talaga!

Bella Carabao (2)

Kala mo, Maldives? Carabao Island yan!

Since one of my buddies was sick at that time, we are really grateful that one of the Tourism Officers let him stay at their office to rest.

Bella Carabao (7)

They also let us leave our bags there as we enjoyed swimming in one of the clearest waters I have ever seen! Just so you look!

Bella Carabao (1)

Given that we might exhausted ourselves fr0m the past days of sightseeing, we settled on swimming for an hour or so before preparing on traveling to our last island to visit, Boracay.


Since we decided to rent a boat going to Bora, it took us less than hour to get there.

Word of advice though, if you are to sail after lunch, you might encounter strong waves (and splashes) like we did. Tipong di na namen alam kung paano tatakpan ung mga bag namen. Ganun katindi.

Bella Carabao (6)

The background says it all. We have arrived at the very crowded Boracay.

Just like traffic in Metro Manila, you will also know that you are in Boracay when you see tons of people harboring and taking selfies by the shore. Nakakaloka.

At that point, it was my third time and probably my buddies’ second time setting foot in Bora so it was settled that we are not going to do any activities there. Kain-tulog-uwe lang talaga ung agenda namen.

If you are keeping track of our Romblon-Boracay adventure, you can remember that we rode a ferry going to Romblon to start our journey.

Since that was an 9-hour ride, we decided to fly out from Caticlan so as not to endure the same. It was a good decision, actually.


Since we went straight to Boracay from Carabao Island, we stayed at Ernest’s Place for a night. They are located at Boracay Station 2.

The cost per night is P1,500 for an AC twin room good enough for 3 people.

See contact details below for more information.


Usually, I have food suggestions but this time I don’t have one.

In fact, we just ate some expensive lunch food from Station 2 for lunch and we settled for barbecue from the nearest ihawan for our dinner.


• Shell out more for a Tourist Class ticket since it will be in an AC room. It will come as a surprise what Super Value Class looks like especially when you are quite, uhm, maselan.

• It’s equally important that you hydrate yourself at all times. Hence, don’t forget to bring water.

• Similarly, always put on some sunscreen.

• Also, bring your snorkeling and/or diving gears.

** Our Romblon-Boracay tour has been done last June 10-14, 2016. Pics were taken using Sony Cybershot TX30 and Samsung S7.


Expenses Subtotal ÷ by 6
Pump boat to Carabao 600 100
Boat rental to Bora 3,000 500
Ernest’s Place (3 twin rooms) 4,500 750
Lunch (in Bora)  ——- 200
Dinner  (in Bora)  ——- 60
Transpo to Caticlan airport  ——- 160
TOTAL P 8,100 P 1,770


Ate Lea of Carabao Island Tourism Office helped us contract a boat going to Boracay. You may reach her at 0926-136-7455.

As for our accommodation, we chose to have our overnight stay at Ernest’s Place Boracay. You may contact them at 0920-532-5613.

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