Calatrava Island Tour | Romblon Travel Guide

Calatrava Island Tour | Romblon Travel Guide

Most often than not, tourists eye Tablas Island since it is the most popular area in Romblon.  No one can blame them since the airport and the Odiongan port lies here.

But we are not them. We were blessed to have bright skies and off we went to explore one of the best kept secrets of the province.

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To get to Romblon or Tablas Island, you need to board a 2Go Travel shipping vessel. The sea journey will take at least 8 hours.

One can also opt to originate and take a plane to Tablas via Philippine Airlines and navigate from there.

Since we came from Romblon Island, we took a passenger pump boat to San Agustin port in Tablas.

After which we were picked up by our tour guide to be transferred to Calatrava. Whole travel took about 1.5 hours.


Though we were tired from the tour we had a day before, we still has risen early to start our Calatrava tour.

Bella Romblon2 (1)

Little did we know that we were in for a treat that day. Everyone, meet Romblon’s CALATRAVA.

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Spots to visit:

Tablas Viewdeck
While on our way to Calatrava, we noticed a picturesque overlooking view of Tablas.

Bella Tablas2 (6)

For this reason, we stopped for a few minutes to have this moment captured. Ganda di ba?

Blue Hole Bay
I am hearing about Romblon’s Blue Hole for quite some time and yet I didn’t googled it to keep the thrill.

Bella Tablas2 (19)

I was honestly hoping that I know how to hold my breath for 10 seconds upon seeing that diving skills is essential to see its glory. If I just have my gears with me though.

The only time I purposedly didn’t bring such and we actually need one! The photos above are the decent ones we took. Waaah, malas!

Secret Underwater Cave
I repeatedly asked for this cave’s name but our guide told us it doesn’t have one. It is one of those spots that needs to be fully explored.

There was even a rock where you have to swim underwater to get to the other side.

Bella Tablas2 (12)

We actually enjoyed ourselves and spent more time swimming on its clear waters. Ang saya, promise!

On-the-way to Snorkeling Site
This is just an image of the beauty we encountered whilst cruising along the seafoam green waters of Calatrava.

Indeed, a picture-perfect sight!

Bella Tablas2 (17)

Pearl of Melody
This cave has an interesting background story. Well, mainly because this newly discovered cave was named after me. Yay, ME!

Bella Tablas2 (9)

See, our tour guide made us experience the Romblon that no tourists have ever seen. He made us explorers and brought us to sights no one has set foot in…not even him.

Bella Tablas2 (13)

On our way to his secret snorkeling site, he made the boat stop in front of a secluded rock formation with a tiny opening. You literally have to swim to get in.

Not only did the surroundings above us reminded me of an open roof cathedral but also every little thing we saw inside was notably breathtaking.

And the actual cave, though not deep enough, hasn’t been known until we showed up. It was granted that the excitement was there. Not to mention the feeling of seeing the unseen.

Bella Tablas2 (15)

And so after our trio-shot-from-underwater photo was captured, my life vest went up to which led to have my right pearl earring dislodged. The whole earring was gone even the pakaw!

That jewelry meant a lot to me as this was a gift and an authentic mother pearl. I have been wearing it since 2007 in ALL of my beach escapades together with much problematic life vests.

As a matter of fact, it was the very first time that such left my ears. Odd right? Our guide just told us that since we were the first ones to set foot in the area, they have a certain belief that an alay should be given.

And since, the ‘sacrifice’ came from me, we arrived at an understanding of naming the place after me. Hence, the Pearl of Melody. Naks, pwede ng pang-alamat!

Lapus-lapus Island
We were craving sand all day long and we finally had it. And boy, we swam and beachbummed until the sun goes down.

We fancied this beach because just like those in Romblon Island, the water is also calm and clear.

There were fishes too! And a buddy of mine fed them until the rice ran out. I can see that she enjoyed that one very much.

Since we were pressed for time, we left out a couple of sights as Paksi Beach, which we just saw from afar, and Tinagong Dagat.

As per the latter, our guide told us that the place was currently muddy and full of jellyfish. So definitely have to skip that.


We decided to stay at Caesar’s Lodging Inn for a night. The cost per night P850 for an AC twin room.

As suggested by our tour guide since its location is less than an hour away from Sta Fe port.

See below for more information.


Usually, I have food suggestions but this time I don’t have one.

We cooked our own food during the tour and ate a nearby carinderia before we went to our hotel. It was already 9pm then.


• Shell out more for a Tourist Class ticket since it will be in an AC room. You’ll be surprised what Super Value Class looks like especially when you are quite, uhm, maselan.

• It’s equally important that you hydrate yourself at all times. Hence, don’t forget to bring water.

• Similarly, always put on some sunscreen.

• Also, bring your snorkeling and/or diving gears. I purposedly didn’t bring mine and as a result, I regretted it instantly.

** We had our Romblon-Boracay tour last June 10-14, 2016. Pics were taken using Sony Cybershot TX30 and Samsung S7.


Expenses Subtotal ÷ by 6
Pump boat to Tablas 600 100
Environmental Fee 60.00 10.00
Van transfers 2,500 416.67
Boat rental 2,000 333.33
Lunch 300 50
Blue Hole entrance fee 600 100
Lapus-Lapus entrance fee 600 100
Ceasar’s Lodge Inn (3 twin rooms) 2,550 425
Dinner  ——- 75
TOTAL P 9,210 P 1,610


Deo Fausto of Deo’s Islands Adventures Toursntravels handled our doorless van transfers and served as our tour guide during the Calatrava island hopping tour.

You may contact Kuya Deo at 0999-002-0806 or 0997-920-0270. In the event that you avail his services, please say hi for me!

By the same token, we chose to have our overnight stay at Caesar’s Loding Inn. You may contact them c/o Joy at 0919-657-3906.

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