BUDGETARIAN SERIES: Davao Vacay for Less Than Php 6,500 ($138)

BUDGETARIAN SERIES: Davao Vacay for Less Than Php 6,500 ($138)

I’ve always thought that planning our Davao itinerary will be easy. Mainly because Davao is already a mainstream spot and travel guides are everywhere. But boy, I was wrong.

I tried drafting our iti but I got somewhat lost when I encountered Talicud Island. I was just happy that a friend from Mindanao Tourism Council helped us and suggested some places for us to check out.

At para di na kayo mamroblema, here’s my budgetarian travel guide to all things Davao!


From Manila, the fastest way to get to Davao is by plane. Cebu Pacific flies directly to Davao and it will only take less than 2 hours to get there.


Day 1: Talicud Island Tour

Fresh from the airport, we went straight to Talicud so as not to waste our time. But I must warn you that the most roads here weren’t cemented. As in lubak galore so brace yourself.

Though the road sitch wasn’t that nice, our whole experience was superb! The rough roads helped in making our tour adventurous and memorable.

Read here to know more about our experience.

Spots to Visit:

>> Baga Cave
>> Giant Balete Tree
>> Isla Reta
>> Isla Bonita
>> Long Beach
>> Dadatan Bat Conservation Park
>> Dayang Beach


Day 2: Samal Island Tour

We didn’t stay that long in Samal. In fact, we just spent our half day there thinking that the accommodations in the city will be much cheaper. And I think we made a good choice.

Please do note that Maxima Resort is 20 minutes away (by habal) from the ferry wharf. What made us go there was the 40-meter water slide that’ll test how brave you are.

Sisiw? Tell that to yourself when you know you’re going to drop on a 120 ft deep waters.

Read here to know more about our experience.

Spots to Visit:

>> Sabang Cliff
>> Maxima Fun Resort
>> Paradise Island


Day 3: Davao City Tour

You will never know how big Davao is until you get to tour around it. That was my realization when we did our city tour on our last day.

We tried to squeeze in the spots that poked my interest and it almost took us 12 hours to do s0. So yeah, malaki talaga ang Davao.  Read here to know more about our experience.

Spots to Visit:

>> Phil Eagle Sanctuary
>> Malagos Farm
>> Eden Nature Park
>> Pres. Duterte’s Matina Residence
>> Davao Crocodile Park



Talicud Island
We stayed at Dayang Beach Resort for a night. The cost per night is P700 for a fan room enough for 2 persons.

Davao City
We stayed at Jade Dragon Suites for 2 nights. The cost per night is P950 for an AC twin room.


>> World’s Worst Ribs – On the contrary to its name, this was one of the most sarap-to-the-bones ribs I’ve ever tasted.

>> Cereal Prawns – From the famous Boiling Crabs Resto and for its price, ang dame niya and sobrang sarap papapakin! Rice is optional for this meal.

>> Baked Scallops – How was it? I can eat a whole plate of this as a matter of fact. Ganun siya kasarap.


• For one thing, Talicud has more rough roads than those that aren’t. With this in mind, you have to prepare yourself for a very rocky shaky experience. Literally.

• It’s equally important that you hydrate yourself at all times. Don’t forget to bring water. Similarly, always put on some sunscreen.

• Setting the bomb explosion aside, we had fun food tripping in Roxas Night Market the first time we went there. You may still do this but just be vigilant at all times.

• We rented a van to tour us around. It is an 18-seater van and there were just two of us so our hatian spiked by almost 50%. You can prevent this by bringing more of your friends when you go to Davao.

• Despite the blast, food tripping in Roxas Night Market is fun. Dameng masarap na pagkain, swear!


Expenses Total ÷ by 2
Roundtrip Ticket to Davao 2,066 1,033
Day 1: Talicud Island
Boat fareto Talicud 160 80
Breakfast and lunch 180 90
Habal Inland Tour 700 350
Dayang Beach Resort 700 350
Dinner 240 120
Day 2: Samal Island
Trike to Sta Cruz Wharf 120 60
Boat fare to Samal 30 15
Maxima Resort fee 600 300
Paradise Island fee 400 200
Lunch 200 100
Habal to ferry wharf 150 75
Ferry to Sasa Wharf 20 10
Dinner 250 125
Day 3: Davao City
Jade Dragon Suites (2N) 1,900 950
City tour van rental 3,500 1,750
Phil Eagle entrance fee 300 150
Malagos entrance fee 100 50
Eden Nature Park fee 440 220
Crocodile Farm fee 600 300
Dinner 250 125
TOTAL P 12,906 P 6,453

• Pasalubong money not included.


Talicud Island

Our Talicud inland tour contact was Kuya Lalang. You may contact him at 0947-986-3729.

By the same token, we chose to have our overnight stay at Dayang Beach Resort. You may contact them at 0999-459-1318.

Davao City

Kuya Arnel served as our tour driver in Davao City. You may contact him at 0932-380-6333.

Also, we chose to have our overnight stay at Caesar’s Loding Inn. You may contact them c/o Joy at 0919-657-3906.

** Our Davao tour has been done last Jul 20-23 and Sept 3, 2016. Pics were taken using Nikon D3100Sony Cybershot TX30 and Samsung S7.

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