Bella’s Binondo Foodtrip

Bella’s Binondo Foodtrip

Binondo is said to be the oldest Chinatown in the world. It is walking distance from Divisoria and for someone who doesn’t know how to commute in Manila like me, it is only 1 Grab away.

All this info and yet we just visited Binondo this year. I know, I know! The reason why I urged my bf to finally visit it and try the delectable cuisine we surely did miss out.

O ano? Sama ka sa foodtrip ko? Lol.


At that time, the meeting place was at the lobby of Binondo Church.


We availed a walking food tour from Old Manila Walks and there we met our tour guide, Ivan Man Dy.

Yes, the same person who toured Anthony Bourdain for his show way back in 2008 and the one who answered most of my stupid questions while we were on his tour. Haha.

Food Stops:

New Po-Heng Lumpia House
Our first stop and one of the best lumpia house in Binondo. Our tour guide always reiterates that lumpia-making is tedious hence not many stores in Binondo caters to this product.

They serve Chinese style lumpia that is very much siksik with ingredients and generous in giving out the peanut sauce.

Binondo Foodtrip (11)

Amah’s Kitchen
Then we continued to Amah’s Kitchen where we were served what I call a spicy version of pancit canton, one tasty empanada and tofu.

Dong Bei Dumpling
An affordable kainan which serves hard-to-find Northern Chinese cuisine. Another good thing about this they make their dumplings right in front of you. Now, that’s what you call freshly made.

Binondo Foodtrip (5)

President Tea House
A Cantonese dim sum restaurant that has a trolley full of dim sum favorites as siomai, hakaw, etc.

We also got to taste a custard filled bun and mango sago with a free house tea.

Mango sago, my fave! Sarap!

Ho-land Bakery
Before we entered the bakery, Ivan made us try some of the preserved fruits and other products that Chinese are much fond of like kiamoy, ginger and the like.

Just beware, I ate a bunch of preserved something  and when I realized what was it, I immediately regret it. FYI, it was red ginger. Yikes!

So when we were inside the bakery, we got to taste a bunch of hopia flavors. Kame na nga  ung sumuko! 

And since we were busy eating, we forgot to take a picture of everything. Though I must say that I liked some of the hopias we tasted.

Binondo Foodtrip (9)


• Just have a light breakfast if you are going into this food tour. Think about how you strategize during buffet meals. Ganun.


We availed Old Manila Walks’ Binondo Food Wok tour. You may email them at to reserve your slots.

**Our Binondo Foodtrip has been done last Apr 2, 2016. Pics were taken using Sony Cybershot TX30 and Nikon D3100.

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