Badian Canyoneering | Southern Cebu Travel Guide

Badian Canyoneering | Southern Cebu Travel Guide

When I think of Badian, I will always associate it with the famous canyoneering adventure. Well, in my defense, this was my target and the main reason why I planned our Dumaguete & Southern Cebu trip.

Heart-pumping activity that will also test our fear of heights? Bet na bet ko yan! Good thing everyone accepted the challenge.

Like I always tell them, kung takot ka, isigaw mo lang. Because if you are part of my travel crew, bawal ang KJ! 🙂

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We took advantage of Cebu Pacific’s seat sale months prior our trip and in order to save time, we flew in to Dumaguete and departed from Cebu. Plane ride to and from Dumaguete or Cebu takes only 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Across the road from the whaleshark watching area, we took a bus to Bato bus terminal. From Bato, we rode another non-AC bus to Alegria until we reached the nearest jump-off point to our hotel.

And in order to reach our hotel, we need to pay for a habal-habal ride since such is a little bit isolated.


We again started our day early and were fetched by a group of habal-habal drivers that will take us to the canyoneering jump-off point.

This was our last activity of our trip before going to the city where we will depart for Manila. In that way, we saved a lot of travel time and explored more parts of Cebu’s southern provinces.

Ang kunwari-di-nahihirapan group pose.

I asked our guide to start our activity as early as 8am since we will be traveling to Cebu City after lunch. And because I don’t like having too many tourists on our backs while doing the adventure.

True enough, there were quite a number of people who started earlier than us but since most of them were too chicken to jump the starting point of 15 ft cliff, sobrang haba na ng pila! 

The whole activity will take around 4 hours so we really need to get started. Hence, I decided to take the alternative route — jump the 20 ft cliff just to surpass the maarte girls on the other side. Haler! Pupunta-punta ka dun tapos ayaw mong tumalon?! Nye.  

Since I was the pasimuno, armed with my adventure cam on one hand, I jumped first. Don’t get me wrong, I felt my knees trembling before I did it but I can’t back down kasi baka matakot din yung mga kasama ko. 

Grabe, it was a different kind of high. The adrenaline rush, my heart pounding so fast, iba! But since I jumped, everyone else jumped too! And I was so proud of us, even my bf who is very much afraid of heights. Akalain mo.

After that, I felt that the next challenges were manageable. We conquered a total of 7 cliffs, 2 waterfall slides and an hour of trekking before reaching our end point in less than 3.5 hours! It goes to show na pag walang maarte, mapapabilis talaga kayo.

Me preparing to jump the 2nd 20 ft cliff. Honestly, my knees were literally shaking at that point.

I could still here kuya guide shouting: backfloat lang maam, backfloat! Ah, good times.

One of my travel crew enjoying the raging river current. Mukhang natutuwa naman sya.

I call this the Hallelujah moment.

Kawasan Falls
After the canyoneering experience and an hour of mud trekking, we were finally at our end point. We actually saw a few more waterfalls before this but I was more impressed with Kawasan.

Though I wasn’t happy when I saw how many tourists were already hanging-out by the falls. Picture a public swimming pool. Ganun kadame! You don’t have much room to swim actually.

Plus, those ropes because of the bamboo rafts, grrrr. Increased tourism indeed has its price.

After going around and under the falls, we decided to go back to the hotel and freshen up. Few hours later, we were off to Cebu City.

Cebu City
It was almost sunset when we arrived at our hotel and that means we no longer have the time to visit even a single tourist spot in the city.

Well, if you count Taboan Market then we definitely went there to do some pasalubong shopping.

We also met with my former schoolmate who was generous enough to bring us spicy lechon from Rico’s Lechon. Hihi. Thanks Raquel!


We stayed at Executive Pension for a night. This was recommended by my former schoolmate who is currently based in Cebu.

It is actually near the city center and walking distance to most malls and restaurants.


LECHONMay kokontra pa ba dito? Though this was my first time to taste a spicy version of lechon, I was blown away! Sobrang sarap naman kasi and no need of a dipping sauce. You might need lots of water though.

BABY BACK RIBS – Couldn’t get in from their store in UP Town but hey, I got to try it on their Cebu’s main branch. Let’s just say, I finally know what the people are raving about. Literally, sarap to the bones!


• This has already been a mainstream activity so it’s better to start your canyoneering adventure early.

• Our guide has already provided free water and dry bag. Though please be advised that you should only bring important things with you like money and cameras.

• Similarly, always put on some sunscreen and hydrate yourself at all times.

• Always listen to what your guide will tell you. In short, wag kang pabida. Baka ikapahamak mo yan.

• Though we were backpacking, I know that we’ll be tired after days of doing adventures. Hence, I decided to hire a private transpo to take us to Cebu City. Best decision ever since we all fell asleep during the trip because of pagod.


If you are in need of a Badian Canyoneering guide, you may contact Choy Daruca at 0910-235-9786 or 0995-411-7254.

For Executive Pension, you can make your reservations at 0917-700-6360.




÷ by 6




Entrance Fee Canyoneering



Badian Canyoneering Fee



Lunch at carinderia near canyoneering site



Habal-habal to hotel



Private transpo from Alegria to Cebu city hotel



Exec Pension (Cebu city)



Casa Verde dinnner




P 12,110

P 2,018

**Our Dumaguete-Southern Cebu tour has been done during our Central Visayas trip last Feb 17-21, 2016. Pics were taken using Nikon D3100Sony Cybershot TX30 and SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi.


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