2-Day Yangon Tour | Myanmar Travel Guide

2-Day Yangon Tour | Myanmar Travel Guide
Yangon Sightseeing Part II

For the second time, we stepped foot in Yangon, it is already our last day. We were there first when we arrived in Myanmar and since this city served as our gateway, we decided to do one last Yangon tour instead of renting an accommodation though we both are tired from the 13-hour trip from Inle Lake.

Why? Because doing such is more economical than to book a hotel, to which the check-out will be at 12 noon usually. Makes sense?

Yangon Day 2 Spots to Visit:

Kabar Aye Pagoda
Likewise known as the World Peace Pagoda, such is said to be a recently built in accordance to the 6th Buddhist Council held from 1952-1956 which was hosted by the country.

We no longer gone inside since there’s still an entrance fee. And at that time, we are already in tipid mode so we only roam outside its vicinity.

What we observed was that the pagoda is surrounded by schools and universities much more like our version of University Belt in Manila.

Entrance Fee: MMK 3,000 per person.


Maha Pasana Cave
This cave is man-made cave that has a conference hall where the Buddhist council was held. It literally means ‘Great Cave.’

We wanted to go inside but felt shy on doing so since we only saw barefoot monks are coming in and out of the place.

Entrance Fee: free of charge.


Inya Lake
A larger lake than Kandawgyi Lake, all I observed was going there is a hassle (too much traffic) and such does not emit a fishy lake smell. That is a good thing for me.

Entrance Fee: free of charge.


St. Mary’s Cathedral
The largest cathedral in Myanmar and is located across the Myanmar Times building. This church reminded me of the architecture I saw when I was in London. Lakas makasosyal ng red bricks!

We did some photo op sessions and headed back to the airconditiones car because it was a 40-degree weather at that time. Sobrang init!

Entrance Fee: free of charge.


Maha Wizaya Pagoda
The second-best pagoda I have seen in Yangon. This classic and elegant temple was built from the Buddhists’ donations from across the country. It is also located near the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Maha Wizaya was instilled in my mind because of the forest style domed ceiling in the main stupa. It even have animal illustrations. Honestly, the sight is delightful. Very much unexpected from a pagoda.

Entrance Fee: free of charge.




We didn’t intend to stay in a hotel on our first day in Yangon since we boarded a night bus to Bagan via JJ Express Highway Bus. Bus ride took almost 10 hours. Surprisingly, the seats and the road trip experience are quite comfortable.

For the second time, we were driven straight to the airport after our tour. Such was still part of our tour package with Green Myanmar Travel & Tours.

See contact details below for more information.


SAMOSA – We had breakfast at Lucky 7 Tea House, to which apparently, is a popular go-to dining place for the locals.

What I know about Samosas is that it’s an Indian dish and if you know me, I don’t eat Indian food. I just don’t. But this made me change my mind. Hindi pa high-end resto kinainan namen but I was blown away!


STEAMED PORK  Still from Lucky 7 (masarap food nila guys), I was even afraid to touch it but when I did, it tasted like the one inside a siopao.

Oo, yun na yun! Plus, try dipping it in hot sauce, ay grabe! Ang sarap!


SWEETENED TEA – I really got addicted to this! The moment I tasted it I know I must get another cup.  Imagine drinking a hot milk tea, yun na! Sorry but this drink really made me very happy. So happy that I need to buy 2 packs of its instant tea counterpart. Ganun kasi talaga kasarap!



• Beware of the local vendors at the entrance of the Sule Pagoda, they are quite aggressive on asking for ‘donations.’ Technically, you are no longer donating. Make sure you have small kyats with you.

• Be guided of the entrance fees so you can allocate your budget money accordingly.

• There is a dress code when entering pagodas. Shoulders and knees should always be covered. Footwear is also not allowed inside. You must roam around barefoot. Don’t worry, temple vicinities are usually clean.

• It feels more local when eating at the side streets than that of airconditioned restaurants. We tried dining at Chinatown and Feels Myanmar, a Banchetto style food strip somewhere in Yangon. Mas mura pa!

• Keep in mind that traffic is pretty bad in Yangon. And the JJ Bus Station to Bagan is approximately 1.5 hours from the city. Allot some time when you plan to go outside the city.


Our Yangon tour contact was Green Myanmar Travel & Tours. You may contact them thru their Facebook page or email them at hello@green-myanmar.com.

As earlier stated, we took the JJ Express Highway night bus to Bagan and reserved our seats online. You may contact them via their Facebook page.

** Our Yangon tour has been done during our Myanmar trip last Oct 28 – Nov 4, 2016. Pics were taken using Nikon D3100 and Samsung S7.


Yangon Day 1 Expenses Currency Subtotal in Php ÷ by 2
Airport transfer + Yangon tour USD 68 3,284.4 1,642.2
Ooredo Sim MMK 4,500 135 68
Breakfast MMK 3,200 96 48
Botataung Pagoda Entrance Fee MMK 12,000 360 180
Sule Pagoda Entrance Fee MMK 6,000 180 90
Lunch MMK 9,500 285 143
Shwedagon Pagoda Entrance Fee MMK 16,000 480 240
Shwedagon Tour Guide MMK 10,000 300 150
JJ Night Bus to Bagan USD 38 1,835.4 917.7
                                                                                                             TOTAL P 6,955.8 P 3,477.9


Yangon Day 2 Expenses Currency Subtotal in Php ÷ by 2
Airport transfer + Yangon tour USD 68 3,284.4 1,642.2
Breakfast MMK 2,700 81 40.5
Lunch MMK 9,000 270 135
Airport dinner MMK 9,500 285 142.5
                                                                                                                          TOTAL P 3,920.4 P 1,960.2

Note: RT airfare tickets and pasalubong money not included.


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