2-Day Yangon Tour | Myanmar Travel Guide

2-Day Yangon Tour | Myanmar Travel Guide

They say that Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in Asia but when we landed at Yangon airport, ay ning, walang bakas ng kahirapan! 

I may have not been to a first-class lounge but it sure does not look like an average one either. Yayamanin levels!

Yangon is the first Myanmar city we are to visit and saw many interesting sights. And I must say, its history is as good as the pagodas too!

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There are no direct flights to Myanmar so we decided to take advantage of Air Asia X‘s seat sale months’ prior our trip. Catch is, there will be hours of layover in Kuala Lumpur to get to Yangon.

We chose to avail such for fear that booking broken flights won’t cover us in case of delays.

Plane ride from Manila to KL and KL to Yangon will take around 4 hours and less than 1.5 hours, respectively.


Yangon Sightseeing Part I

For our tour, we availed one from Green Myanmar Travels to which includes our airport transfers as well as selected Myanmar tours.

Di naman kame nagsisi especially with the very matraffic Yangon since we don’t have to commute and we got to visit most of the places we wanted to see. Plus, aircon pa!

Yangon Day 1 Spots to Visit:

Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda
Our first stop as this is said to house one of the well-regarded reclining Buddha images in Myanmar. And boy, it is huge! We walked around it and even discovered that there are markings on the Buddha’s feet.

As per our guide, it contains 108 inscriptions in red and gold colors that displays the characteristics of the Buddha. Yep, I really do pay attention to this kind of guide lectures, you’ll be surprised!

Entrance Fee: Per donations only.


Kandawgyi Lake
This man-made reservoir is surrounded by greeneries and an ideal place to jog or just hang-out. There is also a corner in this park where you can see the Shwedagon Pagoda since Kandawgyi Lake is within walking distance of this pagoda.

Just don’t be shocked if you recognize that there have more uwaks flying than of pigeons. For some reason, they have many of those everywhere.

Entrance Fee: free of charge.


Botataung Pagoda
A pagoda which can likewise be spelled as Botahtaung, literally means 1,000 military leaders. The name arose from an event when Buddha’s eight hair relics were transported from India to Yangon. Upon its arrival, a thousand of honor guards was formed to pay their respects.

You can go inside the main stupa, this is what the locals call it. And once you’re there, it’s made of gold, beybe! Kumikislap-kislap pa talaga as if it’s luring you in! Well, that’s just me.

Entrance Fee: MMK 6,000 per person.


Sule Pagoda
Located at the center of Yangon, the environment can be quite chaotic and busy. Also, this pagoda is swarming with aggressive vendors by the entrance. With that, I was taken aback and almost didn’t came in.

And though we managed to check this one out, I wasn’t in the festive mood anymore. The pagoda’s ok but I literally just want to get out of there.

Entrance Fee: MMK 3,000 per person.


Mahabandoola Park & Independence Monument
A public park and is also located in downtown Yangon. It is within a walking distance from Sule Pagoda. More like Luneta Park or Ayala Triangle Gardens, well, without the surrounding restaurants.

The Independence Monument, on the other hand, can be seen at the center of Mahabandoola Park. Such memorializes the country’s independence. Interestingly, it is also in a form of an obelisk.

Entrance Fee: free of charge.


Colonial Buildings & City Hall
There are many interesting buildings in Yangon and was built years before our time. I do like rustic structures, the reason why I came to Myanmar in the first place. So yeah, score!

Entrance Fee: free of charge except for National Museum.


Bogyoke Aung San Market
Yangon’s most famous market and has many streets crowded with numerous shopping stalls. A one-stop haven for customers looking for clothes, arts, jewelry or even souvenirs for tourists.

In short, it is Myanmar’s version of Divisoria. Bargaining skills required.

Entrance Fee: free of charge.


Shwedagon Pagoda
Now, this pagoda convinced me that it’s only the beginning of our fascinating temple run in Myanmar. And we were jumpstarted with a temple made of gold. Yes, you read that one right. 24 carat of pure gold!

Our tour guide kept on explaining other facts about Shwedagon like the pagoda even have more precious gems and donated jewelries at the umbrella.

And it didn’t stop there, at the tip is a genuine diamond orb. Whew! I was really in awe in hearing that this pagoda is made of oh-so-expensive things (I wish I have)!

In lieu of this flashy information, I couldn’t help but ask: “And nobody tried to steal it?” Tacky, I know but wouldn’t you be curious too? Because I was and very much interested with the answer.

And then I was taught about principles that Buddhist people truly follows. To cut the story short, Buddhists believe in karma and if they do sinful things, bad karma will pursue them. So ayun.

Entrance Fee: MMK 8,000 per person.



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