2-Day Bagan Tour | Myanmar Travel Guide

2-Day Bagan Tour | Myanmar Travel Guide
Bagan Sightseeing Part II

The following morning, we continued our Bagan tour but we started early because we were headed to Mandalay later that day.

It was a pleasure seeing this famous pagoda province and though we may produce a lot of great photos out of this trip, nothing compares than seeing such beauty in real life.

Gone a bit sentimental there, I know.

Bagan Day 2 Spots to Visit:

Dhammayazika Pagoda 
This five-corner pagoda is a brick structure and has pentagonal terraces compared to square-based usual Bagan temples. It also has a bell-shaped dome and a stairway that leads to a handsomely decorated entrance gate.


Another pagoda in construction

While taking pictures on the pagoda’s upper level, I came across a vendor selling her hand-painted postcards. Her name is Moe Moe and she said she’s 8 yrs. old. I find her paintings amusing that I bought 3 of it!


Me, Moe Moe and her sister.

Iza Gawna Pagoda
Our guide brought us in one of the lesser known temples in the province, Iza Gawna Pagoda contains the unique rustic charm of a Bagan pagoda.

We were about to go to our next destination when the locals on the site told our guide regarding a pagoda several tourists have come to see. And this got me excited as hell!



Had a nice stroll around the pagoda’s vicinity.

There’s another abandoned pagoda at the Iza Gawna Pagoda’s side. It was shown to us by the painter we met at the entrance, he even guided us to ge there.

It’s not easy getting there as mejo masukal ung daan. Off-beaten talaga and I love it! And if you happen to like OOTD shots as shown below, ay mananawa ka kakapicture! Walang panget na angle eh!


O di ba? Uma-aura!

Thanaka Museum
I already noticed that many if not all the women in Myanmar has somewhat like a yellowish powder on their faces. Even babies have it. What’s best about it is that they are not ashamed of showing with it in public. That got me curious of what really is it?

Thanakha is a traditional cosmetic in Myanmar. Such is from a thanakha tree and if applied habitually, it will make the skin smoother, softer and protects you from sunburn. When applied to your face, you’ll instantly feel yung lamig.


Thanaka on mah face.

Gaw Daw Palin Temple
I remembered this temple vividly because the vicinity is massive.  It made my feet hurt we have to sit on the chairs by the entrance.

That is where we talked and admired the pagoda’s architecture whilst being surrounded by colorful plants and greeneries.


Bu Paya
Located at the Irrawaddy river, Bu Paya symbolizes infinity and dubbed as one of the best temples in Bagan.

Please also note that the area around the pagoda is quite busy because of vendors and market stalls.


Manuha Paya
A pagoda with so much Buddha images. Scratch that, massive Buddha images it doesn’t fit into our camera screens.


Apeyadana Paya
Similarly one of the damaged pagodas, this stood out because it is surrounded by stunning stupas by the entrance.

Also, a good spot for photo op most especially the pagoda’s sides.



Just passed by this stupa before entering Apeyadana Paya. Couldn’t help but snap a quick photo.

Our last stop in Bagan and we’re glad to end it with this magnificent pagoda. One of the off beaten paths and our tour guide uncovered this hidden gem before our eyes. A very good alternative for sunrise and sunset viewing too!

And get this, we were the only ones on this pagoda! So, I got to jump, twirl my skirt and do endless photo shoot before we head to our next Myanmar destination.



We spent our first night in Bagan Central Hotel which is located near the Bagan temple complex.

The next day though, we were picked up by OK Express for our 4.5-hour trip to Mandalay.

See contact details below for more information.


River Prawn Curry – Got to taste this dish in Black Rose resto which is near our hotel. Myanmar’s version of curry doesn’t really taste like our chicken curry with lots of sauce.

This prawn curry is quite tangy with small amounts of sauce in it. Tasty and I liked it!


Side Veggies – For every dish we ate in Myanmar, they will always serve you with a lot of vegetables. A whole lot. Some of them crunchy and the others are curried.

I don’t eat much of these but I liked how these side veggies tasted. And it differs from time to time with different sauces too. Di ka mananawa at nakakabusog pa.



• Our JJ Night Bus ticket covers a free snack, blanket and wet wipes. Also, there is a small LCD monitor in front of you with free movies. All you need is to bring your own earphones.

• Be guided of the entrance fees so you can allocate your budget money accordingly.

• There is a dress code when entering pagodas. Shoulders and knees should always be covered. Footwear is also not allowed inside. You must roam around barefoot. Don’t worry, temple vicinities are usually clean.

• You must pay a zone fee amounting to MMK 25,000 upon entry to Bagan so you can breezily enter the other temples.

• Stay in Old Bagan than in New Bagan. The latter is so much far in the pagoda complex, the reason why the accommodations there are cheaper.


Our Bagan tour contact was Green Myanmar Travel & Tours. You may contact them thru their Facebook page or email them at hello@green-myanmar.com.

By the same token, you may email our tour driver directly at kokomyo66@gmail.com. His name is Myo Thi Ha.

As stated earlier, we stayed at Bagan Central Hotel. We booked them thru booking.com.

We were also picked up by OK Express, you may reserve your seats online thru their Facebook page.

** Our Bagan tour has been done during our Myanmar trip last Oct 28 – Nov 4, 2016. Pics were taken using Nikon D3100 and Samsung S7.


Bagan Day 1 Expenses Currency Subtotal in Php ÷ by 2
Breakfast MMK 3,000 90 45
Bagan Day 1 Tour USD 42 2,028.6 1,014.3
Bagan Central Hotel USD 36 1,738.8 869.40
Bagan Zone Fee MMK 50,000 1,500 750
Lunch MMK 12,000 360 180
Dinner MMK 10,500 315 157.50
                                                                                                              TOTAL P 6,032.4 P 3,016.2


Bagan Day 2 Expenses Currency Subtotal in Php ÷ by 2
Bagan Day 2 Tour USD 42 2,028.6 1,014.30
Lunch MMK 7,000 210 105
OK Express Bus to Mandalay MMK 18,000 540 270
Dinner MMK 1,800 54 27
                                                                                                                    TOTAL P 2,832.6 P 1,416.3

Note: RT airfare tickets and pasalubong money not included.


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