Uluwatu Tour | Bali Travel Guide

Uluwatu Tour | Bali Travel Guide

Our flight to Bali was scheduled at 4 am on a Saturday. Me and my bf were so afraid to be stuck in a carmageddon .

Read: Friday night gimik which coincides with a pay day plus the usual Metro Manila traffic, we decided to leave at 11 pm the night before and just waited for our flight at the airport.

If there’s a travel tip here, it is to ALWAYS leave early. Better safe than sorry, right?

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From Manila, the fastest way to get to Bali is by plane. Cebu Pacific flies directly to Bali (Denpasar)  twice a week, every Tuesdays and Saturdays. It will take around 4 hours to get there.


Our tour guide/driver, Dewa, has fetched us in the airport as part of the agreement we had with him. After eating breakfast, we started our Uluwatu tour, which is more focused on the southern parts of Bali and its beaches.

Are Bali’s beaches better than ours? Let’s just say, we have white sand coastlines and theirs are more of a surfer’s haven. Well, that’s just my 5-cents worth.

Spots to visit:

Nusa Dua Luxury Beach
Don’t be intimidated by the ‘luxury’ in its name. Nusa Dua beach is a public beach and I don’t remember paying an entrance fee for us to get in.

The shore bears a more of a off white sand like what we have in Caramoan.

We didn’t dare try to take a dip in this area as the waves are quite strong though the other side of The Bay is more for sunbathing and relaxed swimming.

Bali Day 1

Peninsula Island
From what I have seen, the so-called Peninsula Island is a massive park which showcases tall statues and vast grass greenery. We have came across more joggers than tourists to which I was secretly saying: YES!

I was honestly paying attention to Dewa, our tour guide, but I just couldn’t remember if the trees that have been planted in the Peninsula island as an afterthought of the concluded APEC summit way back in the 90s.

And since Philippines was part of the summit, tried to find the Philippine tree and actually found it, yay!

And as I was saying saying about the gigantic statues, you can notice the intricate detailing. Just imagine the effort has been put inot these sculptures. See?

Nusa Dua Water Blow
Next up is the Water Blow, a rock formation where waves hitting onto the rock wall creates an enormous splash like the water is blowing up. It is located at the distant corner of the Peninsula island.

Virgin Beach
I once read about this beach as a hidden beach in Bali. However, when we get to this place, a structure is being built on it to maybe extend the beach or something.

We have parked on a land much higher than the beach and we have to go down countless steps in order to go about the shore. Such doesn’t attract me that much so we decided to take a picture and moved on to the next destination.

Dream Land Beach
Located inside the New Kuta Golf Course, we actually had to ride a private shuttle for 5-7 mins in order to get to the drop-off point. It was supposed to be hidden, well, that was according to the articles

I have read but when we got there, it wasn’t empty at all. The beach was jam packed (to my dismay). The beach also bears an off-white sand and the waves are so strong that are fit for surfers not for beach bummers like me.

Such has a nice view though being near a white stone cliff that is overlooking the Indian ocean.

Pandawa Beach
Also often referred to as the Secret Beach, Pantai Pandawa is hidden behind high cliffs and had long remained secluded from the crowds of tourists, due to the challenging path that had to be taken to access it.

I also observed that there are five statues carved into the cliffs. Commonly referred as the Panca Pandawa, five brothers who are characters in the shadow puppet theater, from which the beach somehow took its name.

GWK Bali Cultural Park
This newly opened park showcases the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue that will eventually be taller than the Statue of Liberty.

The statue represents Vishnu riding the mythical Garuda bird, as manifestation of the conscience of Amerta.

The long-awaited statue was said to be completed in the next 3 years by Nyoman Nuarta, Indonesia’s maestro sculptor and creator of this iconic piece.

Padang-padang Beach
One of Bali’s famous beach as it has been popularized by Julia Roberts for the film Eat Pray Love. We have to pass thru a somewhat small cave before we could see the coast of Padang-padang.

Uluwatu Temple
Uluwatu Temple is a Balinese temple situated on top of a steep cliff facing the sea. Pura Luhur Uluwatu is also one of the top places on the island to go to for sunset landscapes.

This place is also inhabited by monkeys who are known to snatch visitor belongings.

Jimbaran Beach
Our last stop for the day is the Jimbaran Beach, to which is known for their seafood dinner by the beach.

It just so happened that it was a full moon that night, and the waves are stronger than ever.

I can remember that I cannot focus much on what I was eating because I was being constantly in a jolt whenever the waves were hitting the shore. All I can say is, the sea was making a very huge splash.


We stayed at Aliya Boutique Homestay and Kitchen in Seminyak for 3 nights thru booking.com.

The cost per night is IDR 550,000 (around Php1,850) per night. Breakfast and use of swimming pool are included.


Below are the dishes we ate during our first day in Bali:

Tipat Cantok with Telur – Said to be one of the famous local dish in Bali. Tend to be a little bit spicy and the cool part of the dish were the ‘rolled’ rice that you won’t notice that it was such until you took a bite of it.

We tried this dish at a local ‘carinderia’ called Warung Lagun in Banua. Best to go with Kerupuk  Usus (like kropek). Talk about authentic.

Jaje Bali – Still from Warung Lagun and sort of Bali’s version of kakanin. Tasted more of suman and biko.

Bebek Betutu – We ate this from Klapa Lounge near New Kuta beach. The dish was a roasted duck marinated in Balinese spices and wrapped in banana leaf. Most of the Indonesian dishes doesn’t look appealing picture wise but they are tasty, I promise.

Bebek betutu in particular reminded me of a chicken curry only with side veggies (Balinese people really want their greens, I think).

Seafood Dinner Platter – Our tour guide recommended Jukung restaurant to try out some of the best Bali seafood dishes in Jimbaran Bay. We thought that the platter will only be good for 1 hence we decided to order 1 each.

But lo and behold, the platter was enough for two. Definitely, capping our night very much busog!


•  Hold onto your belongings to places that are inhabited by monkeys like Uluwatu Temple. These monkeys are notorious for snatching visitor’s belongings.

Such are very smart, we actually saw a monkey who drank water out of a bottle. They know how to open a bottle cap and we were just in awe.


To our tour guide and driver, Dewa, who showed us around the amazing Bali and for giving us the best but affordable rate, thank you oh so much! I highly recommend him.

Contact Dewa here. If you happen to avail his services, kindly say hi for me!


Day 1 Expenses Total in IDR Total Php Divide by 2 Php
Tour driver/guide 500,000 1680 840
Accommodation 550,550 1850 925
Breakfast 36,000 121 60.5
Pandawa fee 20,000 67 33.5
Snacks 40000 134 67
Lunch 251700 846 423
GWK fee 200000 672 336
Uluwatu fee 15000 50 25
Dinner 500000 1,680 840
TOTAL IDR 2,113,250 Php 7,100 Php 3,550

** Our Uluwatu tour has been done during our Bali trip last Aug 29-Sept 01, 2015. Pics were taken using Nikon D3100 and Sony Cybershot TX30.


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