7 (Little) Things To Do On Your Next Out-Of-Town Trip

7 (Little) Things To Do On Your Next Out-Of-Town Trip

They say that the littlest things are the ones that make you happy. And I agree a hundred percent. Not every vacation should be about the major planning of the tour. You might not be aware of it but there might be ‘rituals’ or habits that you do on every trip.

Here’s a list of suggestions on the travel stuffs that you can do on your next trip:

1. Sunrise/Sunset viewing.
Either I wake up early for the sunrise or I make sure to catch the sunset before the day ends. Not only that such is a glorious phenomenon to watch but it always captures a picture perfect scenery of a place.

Magnificent sunset captured in Siquijor.
Magnificent sunset captured in Siquijor.

Want instagram worthy posts? Believe me, you’ll never go wrong with a daylight and/or sundown shots.

2. City tour.
The tour every tourist is dodging as many find this boring. I thought so too until we went to Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm in Puerto Princesa way back in 2009. I find this prison very cool because it doesn’t feel like one. There are no walls to hold back the prisoners. In fact, it was one of the inmates who opened the prison gates for us!

Iwahig Prison in Puerto Princesa
Iwahig Prison in Puerto Princesa

Plus, even with the relaxed security, it is said that the attempts to escape is minimal to rare. And I wouldn’t know that entire if weren’t for the city tour. It is a good way to know the place you are in. Off beaten paths or what not.

3. Local interaction.
And the least thing you can do is to talk to the locals. Most especially on their recommendation on where should you eat.

The 'bibo' Aetas of Mt. Pinatubo
The ‘bibo’ Aetas of Mt. Pinatubo

At least try not to be picky with the food when you are on a trip. Because chances are, the locals will send you in a turo-turo to which will surely be serving the best local cuisine they could offer.

4. Try some delicacies.
What’s the purpose of the travel if you’re not going to try some local cuisines, right? From tasting alligator meat in Cambodia, snacking some bukayo in South Cotabato to slurping tamilok in Puerto Princesa, feeding yourself with bizarre dishes makes the trip more exciting.

Bicol's finest delicacy, sili. Served as an appetizer and best pairef with fried food.
Bicol’s finest delicacy, sili. Served as an appetizer and best paired with fried food.

How many times will you ever try to eat such when you get back to the city? Chances are from zero to none. So go ahead, indulge!

5. Pasalubong shopping.
Of course, everybody does this. Not only it is a proof of you being in a place but also a token of remembering all the people you wanted to give mementos to.

Pili, anyone?
Pili, anyone?

Just don’t use this as an excuse to brag if you don’t want the pasalubong to be thrown back at you. Lol.

6. Just stroll.
Don’t limit the possibilities of knowing a place onto the four corners of your hotel. Still with spare time? Walk around. People watch. Smile at people once in a while. But please don’t do this in a creepy way (if you know what I mean). It should not only be the lined up activities that could get you out of your room.

Lakad-lakad along the shores of El Nido.
Lakad-lakad along the shores of El Nido.

7. Get a massage.
Every city has its own version of massage. I tried having a ’hilot sa ugat’ massage in Baler. And what I understood from the therapist was, they are following/massaging the veins and not just the tissues. Pardon me if I’m wrong but I was about to doze off when I asked her that. I say, it actually worked.


There’s also that time when I hired a manghihilot in Camiguin just to relax after a whole day of tour activities. Arrived manang whom I really think practices hilot for a long time and was repeatedly saying “matigas ung sa may matres mo” and she worked on at my puson part for a while. Want to know how good she is? I got my period the next day.

I am not saying that these are a must, but at least do try every so often. Remember, a traveling snob is not welcomed anywhere.

So there you go the ‘unusual’ things that I do. What about yours? Do share if you have other modest things to add on this list. Happy travels!

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Written by Tody Dino

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