Kintamani Tour | Bali Travel Guide

Kintamani Tour | Bali Travel Guide

No beaches to see on this day. The Kintamani tour focuses more on the cultural side of Bali hence we mostly visited temples, villages and monkeys. It might sound boring to other people but I really do like knowing the history of a place as well as immersing into such.

Tourists should really be starting to do this and not just snap a thousand selfies on a, let’s say, a freaking wall.

Nope, that’s not how you do it folks. And while I’m at it, enough with the selfie sticks already! I assure you, That’ll be the cause of your death one day. Uh-huh.

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From Manila, the fastest way to get to Bali is by plane. Cebu Pacific flies directly to Bali (Denpasar)  twice a week, every Tuesdays and Saturdays. It will take around 4 hours to get there.


Though we were still exhausted from the tour the day before, we rose early in order to start our tour. After indulging with our Balinese breakfast served at the ground floor of our villa (yes, we scored on a loft type accommodation!), Dewa, our friendly tour guide, was already waiting for us upfront.

At that point, we were ready to conquer the north-eastern part of Bali.

Spots to visit:

Tohpati Village
This village is known for their batik-making and hand weaving process. There is also a show room which boasts the finished products.

Such could tend to be a bit pricey but if you have seen the efforts exerted onto their works, you’ll definitely understand.

Celuk Village
Known for gold and silver crafting. A guide will tour you on how they make the jewelries manually. It was fascinating to see how the workers single-handedly come up with intricate detailing on a, let’s say, an earring.

As we were looking at the silver handicrafts, I asked the guide on why wouldn’t do a 100% silver, she said that it will be too soft and will bend easily.

I know that this should be like a general knowledge of some sort, but hey, I just knew that! You could also haggle with them but don’t be a cheap skate. Let them have some profit. Capisce?

Bali Day 2

My newly bought silver earrings.

Tegenungan Waterfalls
All I can say is that it’s a massive waterfall and the current was strong. We can also see people from atop who tried to get to the waterfalls closely. Some where even bathing near it.

Bali Day 2 (15)

Mas Village
Said to feature the artistic side of Bali by showcasing wood carving artistry.

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
You probably guessed it right. A home for 3 temples as well as for Balinese long tail monkeys. It is a nature reserve and a Hindi temple all in one. Nice, eh?

Monkeys are just playing or walking around but be careful not to touch them. And though they are already used to tourists does not mean they are already tame.

Bali Day 2 (24)

Ubud King Palace
What we saw within the vicinity were exquisite and traditional Balinese houses. But what really caught my eye was the intricacy of the detail on its doors.

Have to say, I got obsessed with Balinese doors and gates when we were there! A nice idea for a soon-to-be residence actually.

Bali Day 2 (3)

Coffee Luwak Maker
Otherwise known as Civet Coffee are partly digested coffee beans eaten and well, ‘eliminated’ by civets. The place we have been had explained and demonstrated the process of making the luwak coffee.

They also have free coffee and tea tasting at the end of the tour. Yep, got to taste 12 different types of it which got us confused what to purchase!

Bali Day 2 (23)

Tegallalang Rice Terraces
This is Bali’s version of our very own Banaue Rice Terraces. Though I have not been there yet (I know and I am sorry!), ours was more vast.

Bali Day 2 (5)

Holy Spring Temple
Also known as Tirta Empul, such consists of a bathing structure and honored for its famous holy spring water. Balinese people go to this temple for self-cleaning. Rest assured that the water is clean.

Bali Day 2 (8)

Kecak Dance
Capping our day 2’s tour with some very energetic musical sort of play. Kecak is a Balinese dance and rhythmic chant that showcases the battle from the Hindi epic Ramayana.

Such has  no musical accompaniment and you’ll definitely know why it was entitled ‘kecak’ once you have seen it. I had LSS for 3 days after watching this show, it was that entertaining. Well, that’s just me.

Bali Day 2 (9)


We stayed at Aliya Boutique Homestay and Kitchen in Seminyak for 3 nights thru

The cost per night is IDR 550,000 (around Php1,850) per night. Breakfast and use of swimming pool are included.


Below are the dishes we ate during our second day in Bali:

Babi Guling – Bali’s version of lechon but with lots of veggies and I think some or looked like a betamax (grilled dried pig’s blood). Dined in to Ibu Oka in order to try this famous Balinese dish.

Iga Babi Bakar – In short, pork ribs that has been rubbed with exotic Indonesian spices.


• Monkeys on the Sacred Forest are being fed regularly. Guests are discouraged to feed the monkeys as well as to wear jewelries, caps and/or anything that a monkey can snatch from you.

• There are certain venues that requires a dress code (read: use of malong or long skirts) most especially in temples. Please abide accordingly.


To our tour guide and driver, Dewa, who showed us around the amazing Bali and for giving us the best but affordable rate, thank you oh so much! I highly recommend him.

Contact Dewa here. If you happen to avail his services, kindly say hi for me!


Day 2 Expenses Total IDR Total Php Divide by 2 Php
Tour driver/guide 500,000 1680 840
Accommodation 550,550 1850 925
Tegenungan fee 10,000 34 17
Lunch 257,000 863 432
Monkey Forest fee 60,000 202 101
Tegalallang fee 10,000 34 17
Holy Spring fee 30,000 101 51
Kecak Dance fee 200,000 672 336
Pic from Kecak 80,000 269 135
Dinner 243,700 819 410
TOTAL IDR 1,941,250 Php 6,524 Php 3,262

** Our Kinatamani tour has been done during our Bali trip last Aug 29-Sept 01, 2015. Pics were taken using Nikon D3100 and Sony Cybershot TX30.


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