Discover: Pinto Art Museum

Discover: Pinto Art Museum

Situated just an hour away from the bustling city of Makati, we decided to check out the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo one lazy Sunday afternoon. None of us is an art critic nor much enthusiastic about paintings but the overall look of the place is pleasant. It actually reminded me of Santorini as the structures are painted with white and blue.

Boasting its 1.3 hectares of modern art space, you may want to be prepared to be exhausted from walking, looking and of course, taking a lot of pictures. But you will surely scout some bizarre looking pieces in the gallery.

The museum also has its own cafe so in case you’ll have to feed your hungry tummy or to quench your thirst, you’ll be covered. Bring your purses as the food can tend to be a bit pricey.

Pinto Art Museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal. Check out their FB page here.The entrance to Pinto Art Museum The entrance to Pinto Art Museum

Travel Tips:

  • The museum is closed during Mondays and open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9am  to 6pm.
  • Entrance fee for adults is now at P180 and P100 for children.
  • No food or pets are allowed.
  • Flash photography is not allowed inside the galleries.
  • An entrance fee of P20 for non-residents of Grand Heights Subdivision is needed to be paid at the guard house.
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Written by Tody Dino

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