Coron: A Glimpse of Paradise 🌺

I know what you’re thinking…and yes, I’m in paradise. Oh well, I was. Coron, Palawan — my most fave beach destination so far. And I have been to a lot of beaches here in the Philippines, trust me. It was … Continue reading

To my fave Japanese place πŸ£

It was a very usual night in Makati — Friday night rush hour. Traffic was bad. Too many people in the street. Nice (and expensive) restos in Greenbelt were sold out. And what did we do in this kind of … Continue reading

The 4th time (resto) visitor πŸ

Not long ago, when Glorietta 1 & 2 in Makati has reopened, boyfie and I discovered a new pasta place. We were both Italian cuisine fans and we really loved our pastas (me) and pizzas (him). The 1st to 3rd … Continue reading

🏊 Discovering the Mermaid Island

Traveling is not just taking selfies and pictures all day. There should be a time to put your camera down and just enjoy the actual view. Says who? The boyfie. Not in those exact words and I thought that maybe … Continue reading

🚐 Wandering KK

CITY TOUR. This is something that people often overlook when traveling. Most thinks of this as a waste of time and money. Or perhaps, as some travel blogs I have read, they prefer to DIY and just ask the locals…about … Continue reading