The ‘Smoked’ Ice Cream🍦

And there we were…eating our gelato as a reward for braving the Friday night rush/payday/EDSA-is-so-not-moving-what-the-hell road. After having our dinner at Gumbo (with separate post), we ate a very unusually made ice cream from Kool Kids. Made from scratch and … Continue reading

πŸ‘’ A First-timers Guide to Taroko Gorge

Picturesque that it almost looks unreal. This is my realization when I set foot in Taroko Gorge. The marble rocks looked so classy in the pictures that I became obsessed taking photos of it. And there’s another realization I had. … Continue reading

πŸ’ Our Day One in Taiwan

Oooohhh. My title rhymes and it is the first thing that came to my mind. Haha. I have been away from the blogging world as me and the boyfie have been in Taiwan for well, technically, 6 days. And I … Continue reading

🍫 Taiwan Food Trip & Night Markets Part II

Lo and behold. Taiwanese food is so great, it is so worthy of a Part 2. Our Taiwan foodtrip is back. And its good! Not convinced? Well, see (or read) for yourself. Going back, it was our Day 2 and … Continue reading

πŸ› Taiwan Food Trip & Night Markets Part I

WARNING: This post might make you really hungry. Watch out on your drool. πŸ˜‹ Eating is my favorite part of every trip. So I compiled all dishes we have eaten for our 6 day Taiwan trip. Everything was delicious! Taiwanese … Continue reading