How to Plan the Most Convenient Travels

…because there’s no such thing as a perfect trip. But this time, let’s try to achieve an ALMOST seamless one. If you are like me who is not a backpacker or an adventurous one but would like to travel conveniently, … Continue reading

Resto Alert: Your Local


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We finally felt we have to find a restaurant not located in either Glorietta, Greenbelt or even Landmark. You Local, already popular amongst Makati yuppies, is always part of the Top 10 to dine restos. Last Wednesday, we did check … Continue reading

10 Things To Do in SocSarGen

It’s not all about the Pacquiaos. Or the tuna. Region XII, commonly known as SocCKSarGen, might not be a popular tourist destination but this place has a lot of barkada activities to brag about. I must admit that after the … Continue reading

What We Ate in SocSarGen

Oh yes, we did eat. We ate a LOT. So, we recently concluded our trip to SocSarGen. For all those who doesn’t know where this is, it is located in Region XII in Mindanao, Philippines. Basically, the southern part of … Continue reading