Camiguin: I Forget You Not 💑


It was our first trip after we sort of ‘reconciled’. We broke up for years and then, boom, we were off to Camiguin…just the two of us. Reminiscing this experience never fails to put a smile on my face :). … Continue reading

Of Siquijor’s Mystique πŸ‘»

Mysterious yet breathtaking. Words that first came to my mind when I stepped foot on this island. It was our day 2 in Siquijor and we were scheduled to do a day tour. Unfortunately, some of our friends were really … Continue reading

Dumaguete Stopover & Siquijor Arrival πŸŒΌ

We were office acquaintances that became friends. We were at that point that in order to enjoy our youth, we partied every Friday night. Besides partying and getting ‘quite’ drunk, they also share my passion – and that is traveling. … Continue reading